PlayStation is now hiring a director of PC planning and strategy

Although it would have been ridiculous to suggest that the first part PlayStation exclusives might never come to PC in any way, shape or form Just a few years ago, this proposition turned out to be a reality. Sony has now taken a more inclusive approach than ever, although the company still seems rather selective about which releases come to PC and which don’t.

This process could be much quicker and more aggressive in the future, however, since PlayStation is now hiring a new senior manager, who would specifically handle “PC planning and strategy”, as the company’s new job listing puts it. ‘business. The list implies a very serious expansion of the PC gaming space – potentially more than it has been historically – although it doesn’t reveal much concrete information on its own.


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Since Sony has hired developers to help bring PlayStation exclusives to PC, the idea of ​​hiring a PC-focused Senior Director doesn’t necessarily seem too surprising. According to the job listing, the candidate will, if hired, be required to develop an overall strategy for the expansion of PlayStation on PC through established partners such as Epic and Valve, as well as be constantly flexible and expect to “changing roles and responsibilities”. Overall, the list implies a very comprehensive long-term plan for the platform, leaving little room for doubt as to whether Sony’s PC experience is paying off.

With all the PC ports of PlayStation exclusives Sony has rolled out so far, it’s no surprise that the company is finally considering the PC a serious gaming platform. In fact, with Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Already listed on Steam for release sometime in 2022, PlayStation should also continue to release more of its first-party exclusives on PC in the future, and the hiring of a new PC-focused Senior Director to handle those efforts underscores that fact further. further still.

There are reports of a possible release of God of War: Ragnarok on PC, although it’s highly unlikely to happen anytime soon. Instead, it seems much more likely that Sony will focus on one-off releases and older entries in established franchises, as shown. Days gone and God of the war, specifically. Games such as Ghost of Tsushima could also make an appearance, or maybe even transmitted by blood.

Although this is a small change from the featured job listing, Sony also recently released an applet allowing PC users to update DualSense controllers without the need for a PlayStation 5 console. In and of itself, that would be mostly trivial. Looking at the wider picture, however, it becomes clear that Sony is taking its PC operations very seriously lately.

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