Persona Fans Can Now Buy Tickets to Watch the Upcoming Anniversary Concert Online

Atlus shares that global fans of the Persona series can now purchase tickets to watch the upcoming anniversary concert online.

With Atlus’ Personage series celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2022, the company has already announced and shared a host of celebratory activities. This includes themed pop-up cafes, new merchandise such as a Personage-themed mouthwash, and more recently, a concert to be held in Japan. Although most of the collaborations seem to be happening in the series’ home country, Atlus shares that global fans of the RPG series will be able to watch the concert virtually and can now purchase their tickets for the show.


Five months into 2022, and Atlus hasn’t shared any major updates related to any of its Personage Games. Fans found the Personage 25th anniversary announcements are lacking, especially since the series is celebrating such a milestone. With Atlus finally giving fans around the world the chance to join in the celebrations via the upcoming concert, it may hint that a big announcement will take place at the event in October.

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According to Atlus’ official English Twitter account, tickets for the Personage The Super Live P-Sound Wish 2022 ~Crossing Paths~ concert is now on sale via a dedicated site. Fans can choose between two performance dates; October 8 and 9. Tickets will cost 4,400 yen or around US$35.00, but the site will charge an additional 330 yen or US$3.00 as part of its transaction fee. For fans of the Personage the music and soundtracks of the series, it seems like a reasonable amount to have access to a major event taking place in another country.

On the official Japanese website of the Personage Super Live P-Sound Wish 2022 ~Crossing Paths~ concert, some details on who will be performing during the event have been shared. This includes personas 5is Lyn Inaizumi, Persona 4it is Shihoko Hirata, and Persona 3it is Yumi Kawamura and rapper Lotus Juice. The site also says there will be guest performances, but there’s no indication of who exactly will be part of the event. For those who buy tickets for the livestream, they will have access to an exclusive link a few days before the event, and will have access to the official recording until October 17.

When Atlus first announced the gig, Personage fans were quick to speculate that major announcements would take place during the event. Atlus has a habit of using the live concert as its main channel to announce news of its upcoming titles. Hopefully the company pulls through and fans finally get the Personage updates they expected.

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