Overwatch Developer Update Provides In-Depth Analysis of Sojourn’s Story, Abilities, and More

Sojourn’s excitement continues in another straight day of Monitor 2 content leading to the release of the Monitor 2 Beta. A new developer update video was released today in a slightly different way. Of them Monitor 2 The developers have shared a new video that showcases damage hero Sojourn’s gameplay, her abilities, and what she will mean for the franchise’s next installment.

Monitor 2 Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman and Narrative Designer Miranda Moyer recently discussed what’s going on at Blizzard and the Surveillance team regarding the Sojourn development process. Additionally, they talked about the abilities they chose for her as well as her story that will shape Monitor 2which they believe will push the story of Surveillance before.


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Sojourn’s Railgun is considered the heart of its design and grows from there. As seen in previous short clips, Sojourn’s agility is equally important to her kit, with her enhanced cybernetics that can make her a threat on the battlefield. Her powerful slides make her a slippery target, and she can chain the slide into a high jump to reach higher ground or catch opponents off guard with the rapid change in elevation. Her Disruptor Shot crowd control ability slows enemies caught in an area, which can set up those trapped for a strong follow-up with her secondary fire.

The developers offer an interesting insight into the process Team 4 went through to land on Sojourn’s Ultimate. Geoff Goodman said there was an option where Soujoun’s ultimate, “Overclock”, was just a giant laser that penetrated through the map much like Hanzo’s Dragon Strike. But the team opted for more direct, limited-duration power shots, likely to the delight of many. Surveillance players.

Abilities of Sojourn

Moyer added his own excitement for Sojourn’s arrival in the wider Surveillance line up. The lines of voice between the former Surveillance team members, neutral entities, as well as agents of Talon are bound to create interesting in-game interactions. A lore video is also in the works, with the devs giving fans the slightest tease of Sojourn in the cutscene . This only offers a glimpse of the first footage, with Sojourn walking up the stairs to her home in Toronto where she retired after leaving Overwatch. While it’s unclear when this cutscene will release, fans will likely be excited for a new lore video; the last training video was the Zero Hour cinematic over 2 years ago.

This developer update marks the final step on the road to Monitor 2 The beta and official introduction of Sojourn to the game. With the Monitor 2 A few weeks into the beta, the community is now brimming with excitement. It’s been a long road to get Sojourn and Monitor 2 in the hands of gamers, even if it’s just the PC beta. With that, and the 5th season of the Overwatch League starting in May, Overwatch 2 the launch seems close even without an official release date.

Monitor 2 is in development.

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