Overwatch 2 beta addresses Mercy Nerf, although her jump was “completely unintentional” in the first place

Overwatch 2 beta addresses Mercy Nerf, although her jump was “completely unintentional” in the first place

Blizzard has confirmed that it will tweak both Mercy and Cimetra in the Overwatch 2 beta mid-cycle patch.

In a blog on the official website, Blizzard said the team has worked hard to “compile feedback from players, [and] Squashing bugs “, and revealed that part of it will review Mercy’s changes in light of fan feedback.

Healer Mercy got some minor nerfs when the beta test started, as her character automatically launches into the air as it reaches the ally. Now, however, Blizzard is changing it so that you can decide when and where to jump… although that special ability seems to have been a complete accident in the first place.

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“The Guardian Angel gives Mercy the vital dynamics that are the key to her survival,” Blizzard explains. “Over time, players have learned that if you jump at capacity at a certain point in time, you can blow up Mercy.

“It’s great; however, it was completely unintentional. Mercy’s super jump was the result of a bug that happened during the Guardian Angel, but the players made it a part of its utility,” the blog continues. “We liked the idea of ​​turning a bug into a feature, so Mercy’s changes to this beta were to make Super Jump more reliable and consistent.

“We’ve seen some issues implementing this latest version throughout the first week of beta, so we’ll change the capabilities of the mid-cycle patch. With the next change, our goal is to give players more control. The Guardian Angel’s flexibility is also increasing.”

Looking ahead, players will now be in control of when Mercy jumps, as the Guardian Angel will no longer automatically launch Mercy into the air. Instead, there will be a meter that will keep the charging power active and the higher the charge, the faster it will go if you decide to jump.

Given that “in the first beta, Symmetra did not fit perfectly into the playspace to define changes to Overwatch 2”, it is also being reworked.

Although Blizzard Overwatch 2 made some changes to Symmetra in anticipation of “faster speeds, more engagement, and fewer obstacles,” it now agrees that these are not enough, and will increase the size of the secondary fire projectile from .4 to .5, and its secondary fire. Reducing the cooldown of both the charge time (1.2s to 1s) and its teleporter (16s to 12s). There are also changes to speed up its initial fire beam to level 3 “to help compensate for charging less tanks and shields”.

Finally, the team believes that the queue waiting times are “somewhat already improved and leveled”, especially for Junker Quinn, and it’s looking at other heroes like Zenietta and Sozern if they “may need to be tuned in a little before launch”.

“Please keep sharing your opinions and thoughts,” the blog concludes “This beta brings us one step closer to launch, and we’re grateful that our community is involved in the test!”

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