Old School Runscape Deb explains how easy and hard servers can look ৷

Old School Runscape Deb explains how easy and hard servers can look ৷

Extended inventory slots, easy bank access, and much more have been bounced for Runscape Easy Server.

Old school runescape developers have repeatedly talked about the idea of ​​a simple and hard server, although now it seems that nothing has been announced just to talk about it. With that being said, developer Jajax says the new difficulty servers are a “more likely” addition than the other modes discussed.

“If we go ahead [easy and hard servers] In the future, the difficulty should not be tedious – it should be a real expansive challenge, “said Kieran Charles, associate design director, in an interview with NME. , But it’s not interesting. The real issue is the challenge করে make it harder, make the boss’s fight more meaningful, and a bigger challenge to overcome. “

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But Charles says “there’s nothing specific yet” and so these ideas are just that for now, although Jagex wants to develop and explore new game modes for RuneScape. “We want to create these different experiences for old school-but we don’t want to rush them,” Charles said. “There’s no point in giving us one every month because it would be an extra burden for the players and we don’t want to be too distracted from that original old school game.”

Difficulties can be difficult to implement — you simply become the enemy of sponges, risk more challenges, and it becomes easier to turn everything into glass. But Charles had a more detailed idea for changing the difficulty in the simple mode server.

“Slightly frustrated that your inventory mode is only 28 slots? Let’s expand it, let’s give you more space or access. [to] Banks in many other places, or whatever else we can bring to make the game feel different, “Charles said.” I really like the idea – it surprised me that it has become so popular among surveys among other ideas. “

Jagex holds a poll for every old school RuneScape update, asking players about new changes. If the poll doesn’t get enough votes, Jagex doesn’t implement the update, and Jagex has been playing with some new modes lately, so we’ll probably see easier and harder servers crop up in the future.

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