Officials engage in ‘violent’ break-ins while detaining residents in quarantine camps

Officials engage in ‘violent’ break-ins while detaining residents in quarantine camps

Officials in charge of Liwan District in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou apologized Monday for “opening up 84 houses to residents” who were under state-mandated Chinese coronavirus quarantine at the time. Global Times The report noted that officials acknowledged that the action displayed “violent” behavior.

Unidentified Liwan district “community workers” unlocked at least 84 houses of quarantined patients on July 10 without permission from the owners. The Liwan district ordered mass break-ins as part of searches for close contacts of quarantine patients, some of whom were suspected of being “hiding” inside vacant housing.

China Dailywhich is owned by the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda department, wrote on July 19 detailing the incident:

Health authorities in Liwan classified two apartment buildings in Hailong Subdivision as high risk on July 8 following Covid-19. [Chinese coronavirus] The case was found among residents of Banghua Star Apartments.

After repeated screenings a day later, it was found that some people still identified as close contacts of positive cases likely remained at home, some of whom tested positive for the novel coronavirus later that night.

To prevent the emergence of new cases as soon as possible, the staff unlocked a total of 84 families on the main floor of the building in the early hours of July 10 and searched for close contacts.

Both China Daily And Global Timeswhich was also released by China’s ruling Communist Party, reporting that the break-in was recorded on video.

“Liwan District has apologized for such ‘extreme and violent’ behavior. It said an inquiry team had been formed to look into the matter and vowed to punish those involved. Global Times Relayed on July 18.

China Daily A slightly different English translation of the same message issued by Liwan District in Mandarin on July 19 is offered.

“Describing the workers’ practice as ‘simplistic and crude’, the briefing said it ignored the sentiments of local residents and greatly hurt them. The workers in charge of Hailong Subdivision apologized to the residents, admitting the mistake and promising compensation,” the newspaper relayed.

Chinese laws and health code regulations allow for government workers to carry out seemingly infringing actions under the guise of anti-epidemic enforcement.

The Global Times Monday noted this, writing:

According to China’s Law on Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, when it comes to sewage, waste, places and objects contaminated with infectious disease pathogens, units or individuals should be strictly sterilized under the instructions of disease prevention and control agencies. or in accordance with sanitary requirements raised by them; And in cases of refusal to sterilize, local health administration departments or disease prevention and control agencies should mandate sterilization.

China’s ruling Communist Party maintains a “zero tolerance” policy toward the Chinese coronavirus that forces officials to lock down entire residential districts or cities for weeks at a time when new cases of the disease are detected. During such outbreaks those who test positive for the disease are usually moved against their will to state-run quarantine facilities. This appears to have happened in Guangzhou’s Liwan district earlier this month, as local residents were reluctant to comply with state-imposed quarantine protocols.

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