No Man’s Sky Outlaws Update Adds Overhauled Crime Underworld and Space Combat

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has announced the game’s next update, called Outlaws. Launching on April 14, Outlaws will focus on the game’s underworld and also include a number of significant improvements to No Man’s Sky.

For new underworld exploration, you will be able to visit outlaw space stations and star systems that have been overtaken by criminal elements, giving you the opportunity to earn extra credits. A new series of pirate missions will unlock black market technology for you to buy, valuable goods illegal elsewhere in the galaxy can be acquired, and you can even grab a fake passport that will allow you to slip past the Sentinels with your cargo of smuggling.

All players, not just smugglers, will benefit from the addition of specialized cargo inventories on all starships. These are high-capacity slots that can store large amounts of cargo, and storage-hungry players can unlock additional slots from the ship upgrade terminal found on all space stations. You will now also be able to recruit and upgrade their own wingmen, allowing you to put together your ideal set of ships and pilots. Each pilot has their own abilities and can be upgraded over time to improve their combat skills.

As for spaceships, a new ship with a solar-powered sail and sleek bodywork will debut in this update. The Solar Ship is the first new spaceship in No Man’s Sky since the start of 2020, and the maximum number of ships a player can own has been increased from six to nine.

Space combat has also been significantly overhauled and will now have a decidedly faster feel to its design. Handling has been improved, weapons have new visual effects, and enemy ships now have shields. The weapon selection will have a variety of specialized secondary effects to create more depth, such as slowing down enemy engines or disabling shield systems. You also won’t be safe in a planet’s atmosphere, as ship-to-ship combat can now take place there as well.


You will also need to keep an eye on your settlements, as they can be vulnerable to pirate raids. If the fight seems too difficult, No Man’s Sky will also feature a new auto-follow mode to make things easier.

No Man’s Sky recently won a Bafta Game Award for its ever-evolving space sandbox, and the game is still on track to release on Nintendo Switch. The team said in a previous update that they would reveal more ahead of launch as they optimize everything from the UI to the controls to feel comfortable on the Switch.

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