Nintendo warns parents not to let their children play Switch Sports alone

Make sure there are no children around when warming up this bowling arm. And for God’s sake, don’t forget the wrist strap.

Nintendo Switch Sports is out today. An unlikely sequel that will evoke all sorts of feelings of nostalgia for those of you who played Wii Sports, which came bundled with the console it takes its name from. Nintendo hopes those nostalgic feelings will be stoked as much as possible by Switch Sports. There’s an element of the first game, and the Wii as a whole, Nintendo hopes it won’t resurface this weekend as people play Switch Sports for the first time, and it issued a warning about that just to time for the arrival of the new game.

That element is people dropping their Wiimotes, or in this case Joy-Con, into the heat of competition. Wii Sports broke new ground in many ways when it launched, inspiring millions to get up and active while playing their games. The problem is that this also resulted in injuries being inflicted by the Wiimote when the controller straps weren’t in use, as well as a few broken TV screens.


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Although a number of Switch games use motion controls in the same way as the Wii, it’s not the point of sale that there are two consoles. This prompted those who run Nintendo Japan’s customer support Twitter account to warn anyone playing Switch Sports this weekend to be careful. “For your safety, please accompany your child when playing Nintendo Switch Sports. Be careful not to hit children playing with each other or touch the Joy-Con on TV,” reads a free translation of the tweet.

This likely means watching your kids as they play to make sure they are using the straps and not standing too close together. This is advice worth noting for adults too. A follow-up tweet mentions wristbands, likely reminding many Switch owners that they actually exist. If you exclusively game on your Switch in handheld mode, you might not even know Joy-Cons have wrist straps because you’ll never need to use them.

Speaking of using your Switch in handheld mode, Switch Sports will be pretty useless in this regard. It’s something that might not have crossed some people’s minds, but since the game requires you to stand up and use the detached Joy-Con’s motion controls, the game can’t really be played in handheld mode. Nintendo confirmed this during a playtest earlier this year when it mentioned that the game didn’t work on the Switch Lite since the console is handheld only.

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