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Last month, we launched this year’s All Employee Engagement Survey, where you had the opportunity to share what is working well at NIKE, Inc. and what we can improve as a team. You’ve heard me say before that top performing teams (e.g. sports teams, business teams, etc.) accept feedback as a gift to continually improve. Over 75% of you took part in the survey this year – thanks for sharing your feedback!

One United Play: Progress is being made and the need for continued focus

As you recall, following last year’s survey, we committed to making meaningful change through a company-wide framework called One United Play. There are two main pillars in One United Play, both of which reflect our core priorities as a business. The first pillar is focused on continuing to build our new offense as we make Consumer Direct Acceleration (CDA) more operational. The second pillar focuses on employee well-being – supporting your physical, mental and financial well-being as a top business priority.

Over the past year, we have worked hard on both pillars. We invested to provide transition support for all functional and geographic teams going through CDA activation, and worked together to plan our first season under the new offense. And your suggestions have helped boost our employee wellness efforts, including wellness weeks and extended summer hours. We also added new mental health support programs and inclusive financial wellness initiatives in response to requests heard in the survey.

Looking at the results of this year’s survey, we see clear signs of progress being made on both of these pillars, and your feedback reinforces the need to remain focused on these same areas.

More on specific issues below, but one clear area of ​​opportunity stood out in both pillars: the need to prioritize. Feedback from the survey consistently highlighted prioritization as a key factor in landing our offense and for the employee experience. Today, as many of us prepare to return to work, we will continue to find new ways to improve the way we work and ensure adequate resources. And we will continue to focus on our wellness offerings. By prioritizing our time, resources and focus, we energize ourselves and the company.

Here is a brief summary of specific survey results:

Land the attack

As we continue to land CDA, three areas have shown significant improvement in our daily work experience. Among the company’s employees:

  • We were up 7 points from last year (52%) when asked if there was effective communication between teams.
  • We gained 6 points (at 45%) when asked if cross-functional teams work effectively together.
  • And we gained 3 points (at 63%) when asked if roles and responsibilities were clearly defined.

For all NIKE, Inc. employees, these metrics are 61%, 59%, and 74%, respectively.

At the same time, concerns remain about our organizational structure and having sufficient support amidst the changes, as we have lost 5 points (at 74% of all NIKE, Inc. employees) on the company making the changes necessary to compete effectively.

Employee well-being

The results also offered real signs of improved well-being and rest and recovery. Among the company’s employees:

  • We gained 4 points (at 70%) when asked if you felt valued as an employee.
  • We gained 3 points (at 64%) when asked if you consider your overall well-being to be healthy.
  • And we went up 3 points (to 62%) when asked if you get the rest and recovery you need to perform at your best.

For all NIKE, Inc. employees, these metrics are 73%, 72%, and 69%, respectively.

Along with these encouraging signs, we continue to see signs of fatigue and productivity challenges. While 75% of all NIKE, Inc. employees said they have the resources to do their jobs well, this is down 1 point from a year ago. This is another area where I expect prioritization to make a real difference, as we simplify and provide greater clarity on what lies ahead.

Next steps

Later in the day, managers across the company – including those working in stores, DCs and Air MI – will receive the survey results from their teams and begin hosting team conversations to learn more. discuss.

This is an opportunity for each team to reflect on the best way to bring this idea of ​​prioritization to life. We need to go deeper on less, so let’s all commit to setting aligned business goals and clear priorities to make room for rest and recovery.

A final thought as many of us prepare to return to the workplace. This is a key moment for Nike. We must continue to learn, adapt and navigate through this time to create the best possible work environment for all of us. And we have to do it as a team, showing as much grace to each other as possible. It will be progress, not perfection right away, and much of our success will be rooted in how we prioritize and navigate change as a team.

Thank you all for sharing in the continuous improvement of our business. I deeply appreciate your commitment to Nike and am proud to be part of this team.

John Donahoe

President and CEO, NIKE, Inc.

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