New Wordle Clone Is About Fortnite Skins

The Wordle craze continues with Fortle, a new browser-based Wordle clone that lets players guess words from the Fortnite universe.

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It is impossible to deny the rapid success of wordle. The word game has taken the internet by storm, as gamers battle to keep their streaks alive by carefully guessing the wordle word of the day. The game is popular enough to have been bought by The New York Times, and countless copycat games have sprung up. More recently a fortnite version of wordle appointed Strong has emerged, combining one of the most popular battle royales with perhaps the most popular literacy game.


wordle clones are not new, as developers have created daily guessing games based on NFL players, video games like Fate, movies and more. Sometimes the wordle-likes have nothing to do with spelling a five-letter word, as there’s even a music-based version that plays a few seconds of a song at a time. fortnite has grown so much, and Epic has backed it up with countless new pieces of content, that a word based on fortnite game is possible.

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The website is known to be a useful resource for all things fortnite. The site has a constantly updated list of all the battle royale skins, emotes, pickaxes and more. There’s also a section that shows what content is on sale today, as well as leaks fortnite skins that players will soon be able to grab. The latest addition to the site is Strong.

Every day the page is updated with a new fortnite word that players can try to guess. Just like his wordle counterpart, Strong requires players to enter five-letter words. The twist, however, is that fortniteWords containing – are also allowed. That means today the answer could be Peely, the fan-favorite banana peel. And tomorrow it could be Slick, the jazzy emote introduced in Season 7 in 2019.

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That’s impressive fortnite is so full of content that a five-letter wordle clone might exist for that. The idea that it’s only five letters certainly narrows down the list of options, but it also helps that the same website that Strong is on houses the entire library of the fortnite content that can easily be used as a mini cheat sheet if needed. It’s great the inspiration that wordle provided. The developers have created bots that help the player to guess correctly, there is a daily guessing game based on history and wordle was even created inside Minecraft. The simplistic yet addictive nature of the game propelled it into huge success, and the fortnite version is the most recent example.

Strong is available for any browser.

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