New versions of Amiibo can be used without unboxing

A recent release of Nintendo’s toy-to-life amiibo reveals a packaging change, allowing users to scan it without unboxing the figure.

Nintendo’s toy-to-life amiibo have been hugely popular since their introduction. Some buyers enjoy them simply for having a collectible of their favorite game or character, but most gamers probably buy them to use in tandem with related games.

Unfortunately for collectors, amiibo need to be completely removed from their packaging to be used in a game. This is a hassle for those who want to keep their collectibles in pristine condition, but it seems like a thing of the past.


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Recently, amiibo collectors have noticed that something has changed with the packaging of collectible figures. Previously, amiibo packaging included a small strip of foil at the bottom of the packaging. This had no impact on the appearance of the amiibo or its box, but this band prevented users from scanning the amiibo into their games without unboxing it first. However, the leaf has been absent from recent amiibo releases.

Specifically, the recent re-release of the Kirby amiibo lacks its foil liner. The amiibo has been re-released to celebrate the release of the Kirby and the Forgotten Land Switch games, which is compatible with amiibo. The reasoning behind this removal is unknown; it’s unclear at this time if this was an intentional decision on Nintendo’s part or some kind of manufacturing error. The Min Min Smash Bros.. amiibo is also missing the leaf, so fans seem to be hoping the change is permanent.

This change has potential upsides and downsides for Nintendo and fans. Not having to unbox your amiibo is a great opportunity for collectors who keep everything in the box. However, it does mean that anyone who’s ever bought an amiibo and was forced to unbox it may be a little irritated that the switch wasn’t made a long time ago. Of course, hardcore fans probably purchased more than one amiibo to begin with, intending to use one and keep the other for display or collection purposes only.

On the other hand, the lack of a foil strip could cause problems for selling the collectibles. Theoretically, a user could scan an amiibo and then return it, depriving Nintendo of legitimate profit and, depending on the amiibo’s usage, potentially causing problems for a future buyer. Most games require repeated use of the amiibo in order to unlock or win everything they have to offer, but it’s not impossible for someone to unlock everything in a return window. This could be particularly problematic considering the existing amiibo scalping issue.

For now, fans will have to wait and see if this continues to be standard for future amiibo releases. In the meantime, anyone who wants to use a Kirby amiibo and keep it in the box should consider purchasing one of the re-releases.

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