New to cryptocurrencies? The Mexican platform Bitso can help you

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bitso is a Mexican platform for the use, purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2014 by Pablo González and Ben Peters , this platform is the first in all of Latin America to be regulated. It currently has more than four million users and in its system there is a list of 30 different cryptocurrencies, which you can buy and sell through its platform. Through a bank transfer (SPEI), you can send money to the application and convert Mexican pesos into any of the cryptocurrencies offered by the platform. The system proposed by the platform is quite intuitive so at no time will you feel lost or confused about the process of converting your money into cryptocurrencies.

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Mexico is currently one of the countries in Latin America with the most users who interact with cryptocurrencies, just below Brazil and Colombia. It is a market that is still in place, but taking firm steps to be one of the most important for cryptocurrencies in the future.

The platform, which generates profits through small commissions it charges users when buying and selling its various currencies, has had a significant impact growth during the pandemic , in addition to the huge increase in investment capital by its users. Another remarkable fact is that Bitso is the company responsible for providing bitcoin in el salvador a nation that has captured worldwide attention by becoming the first country to accept bitcoin as a fully legal currency .

Bitcoin is a high volatility digital market operated from different computers around the world, which generates a virtually inviolable security network, this database protection system is called block chain . Bitso has enabled millions of users to easily access this type of market which may seem complex to those unfamiliar with the subject. Bitso has been the Latin American key to the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. Despite being an already consolidated company, the platform continues to grow and it would not be uncommon to see this Mexican company listed on the stock exchange in a few years.

A few days ago, the Colombian delivery company Rappi announced that it had launched a pilot program for payments with cryptocurrencies using Bitso (and the American Bitpay).

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