New Horizons player features awesome skeleton-themed islands

New Horizons player features awesome skeleton-themed islands

A Creature Crossing: New Horizons player designs a custom layout for their island that features an incredible skull-inspired theme.

when Animal Crossing: New Horizons First released in 2020, one feature of the life sim that fans were probably excited to learn more about was terraforming. Terraforming in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Allows players to customize and format their desert island journey in a variety of ways, giving them a fun and creative in-game experience. Now, one ACNH The player shares a bird’s-eye view of the custom skull-themed island design they’ve worked hard on using various terraforming options.

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Terraforming isn’t the only island customization option Animal Crossing: New Horizons There are available for his player base. The player has a say in where Animal Crossing: New Horizons Village houses can be placed, and different parts of the player’s island can even have a different soundtrack playing in the background. Custom designs for furniture, clothing, and a variety of household items were also made available by Nintendo Animal Crossing: New HorizonsTruly makes life sim gameplay an immersive experience.

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Their skull-themed display is off Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island design, Redditor LittleGreyskull posted a bird’s eye view of their desert island getaway. Aptly naming their island “Skull,” LittleGreyskull also incorporated the word into their map design. They also incorporated various skull design features into the map, creating shadows and highlights of the skull image using the different cliff levels available in terraforming. It’s also interesting that the Redditor used the water terraforming tool to create the tiny tooth grooves that are commonly found in a skull design.

Fellow players seem very intrigued by LittleGreyskull’s customized island layout. Some have even asked for them Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dream address, hoping to see Redditor Skull Island to see it for themselves. Unfortunately, the artist doesn’t seem ready to share a dream address for their island, saying they still need to clear some of the island before they can receive any visitors. However, given the interest within the Reddit thread, it seems that fans will likely be happy to check out the island once LittleGreyskull is completely happy with their finished product.

Despite the age Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the community is always finding something new and interesting to share with the fanbase. Players also seem to keep their creative juices alive with how many custom island layouts, designs, and more can be found in the community’s online forums and threads.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Currently available on Nintendo Switch.

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