New Horizon Forbidden West patch brings lots of fixes and ends loot raves


Even heroes aren’t immune to getting stuck in virtual bathrooms and celebrating a little too much when collecting rewards from successful hunts. The latest Horizon Forbidden West patch 1.12 has now arrived, and among the many fixes for core game components there are also several interesting tweaks.

Players can expect to see fewer bugged quests or un-updated objectives, but more hilariously, bathrooms and loot will become less of an issue with the new update.

You’ll now be able to venture into the bathroom of Aloy and the gang’s base without worrying about getting stuck, which is a problem few people would have expected in the first place. Additionally, looting fallen machines and enemies will no longer cause Aloy to engage in “celebratory loot raves” that can last up to 10 seconds. Players who’ve seen the heroine bounce up and down before might be happy to see the bottom line of this, though it’s still fun.

As for the less fun parts, Guerrilla Games included fixes for quests, world activities, machines, humans, and other parts of the game to make Horizon Forbidden West a better experience after the patch.

You can read the full patch notes below:

Horizon Forbidden West 1.12 Patch Notes


We are currently investigating several issues reported by the community. Please note that these issues are not yet fixed in this patch, but our teams are aware of them and are investigating them.

  • The team continues to make changes to the game’s content in an effort to reduce visual flicker.
  • Players reported an issue in the “Lofty Ambitions” side quest. After Abadund’s dialogue, the player will temporarily not be able to trade with Abadund as no prompts appear.
  • Players have reported an issue in the “A Soldier’s March” side quest where after defeating the Frostclaw the mission objective does not complete.
  • Players reported an issue in Handa’s “Ancient Relics” contract, where mission progress will be stuck at “2/3 Gather Ancient Relics” or “Go to Ancient Machinery Site of the North” if the player leaves the area .
  • Players have reported that the Apex Grimhorn is not appearing in-game outside of quests, potentially preventing players from getting 100% game completion.
  • Outfits may appear covered in dark shadows in inventory.


Main Quests

  • Fixed an issue in the base where players could get stuck in the bathroom.
  • Fixed an issue in the main quest “Reach for the Stars” where the objective would not complete after reaching the shuttle if the player triggers the machine legend before looking at the shuttle.
  • Fixed an issue in “The Dying Lands” Main Quest where progress was not updating after defeating the Grimhorn.
  • Fixed an issue in the Main Quest “The Sea of ​​Sand” where a cutscene would not trigger, causing the “Exit the Ruins” objective to not update.
  • Fixed an issue in Main Quest “The Sea of ​​Sand” where the terrain inside the Casino would not load after acquiring POSEIDON.
  • Fixed an issue in the “Wings of Ten” Main Quest where Sunwings were not present on top of the base.

Side quests

  • Fixed an issue in the “A Soldier’s March” side quest where skipping the “Go to the start of the climb” objective and going straight to Wekatta would prevent the mission objectives from updating.
  • Fixed an issue in the side quest “The Way Back” where the mission objective “Gather Resources for the Gyrocompass” would not progress after collecting the required amount of batteries.
  • Fixed an issue in the “Signal Spike” side quest where the “Kill the Machines” objective would not update, causing the player to be unable to talk to Silga.
  • Fixed an issue in the “A Tribe Apart” side quest where the player could not interact with a metal flower.
  • Fixed an issue in the Race Quest “Burden of Command” where the child would not talk to Aloy during the “Protect the Child” object.
  • Fixed an issue in Errand Quest “Burden of Command” where the child would miss after skipping the “Scan the Area” objective and then restarting from save during specific subsequent objectives.
  • Fixed an issue in Errand Quest “Shining Example” where if the player destroys the Metal Flower Vines before the objective changes to “Destroy the Metal Flower Vines”, the objective will not fully update , blocking progress.
  • Fixed an issue in the “Arena Opening” Race Quest where Kalla would not spawn inside the arena’s mouth after the player gathered the necessary machine parts.

Global activities

  • Fixed an issue in Cauldron IOTA where the player could become permanently stuck if they fell during the final climb to the head of the Tallneck.
  • Fixed an issue in Cauldron IOTA where the crafting arm holding the Tallneck’s head was in a stuck state, blocking mission progress.
  • Fixed an issue in Cauldron KAPPA where the “Kill the Tideripper” objective could not be completed after killing the Tideripper very quickly. Another Tideripper who needed to be disciplined! We sure know who our naughtiest machines are.
  • Fixed an issue in Relic Ruins: The Stillsands where a retractable crate could get stuck in the ceiling.
  • Fixed an issue in Arena where quitting during a Fixed Challenge could cause the player loadout to be lost, and it was replaced with the Arena Challenge loadout.
  • Added a new cinematic camera in the arena at the end of a challenge, preventing the camera from pointing at a wall.
  • Brightens nighttime lighting around Black Box: Jagged Deep.
  • Fixed an issue in Melee Pit: Thornmarsh where the Melee Pit Master would become invisible after restarting from a save or fast travel at a specific time.


  • Fixed an issue where the Laptop loot entry on the Shellsnapper’s “Refining Core” includes Volatile Slime, despite having a 0% drop chance.
  • Sturdier medium and large machines will drop into combat when 35% of their health is lost in a single hit.


  • Fixed an issue where quest companions would become unresponsive after being hit in combat.


  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to use melee attacks after being hit by shock/heavy attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dodge Roll could fail to activate if triggered immediately after firing.
  • Fixed an issue where setting the “Weapon Wheel Slowdown” setting to Slowest would result in visible outfit and hair when accessing the weapon wheel in-game.

User Interface/User Experience

  • Fixed an issue introduced in the previous patch where the player could not place a waypoint marker within 500m of the player.
  • Fixed an issue where the exclamation mark that is visible when a new item is acquired no longer appears
  • Fixed an issue in the Stitcher vendor screen where the comparison menu would always compare against the base level stats of the currently equipped outfit, even when it is upgraded.
  • Added an indicator to show when a weave is already equipped when switching weaves.
  • Updated the Crafting section under the Weapon Wheel with new UI elements to display resource names.
  • Updated the skill points icon to be more visible when the player has unspent skill points.
  • Fixed more Metallic Flower and Fireglow icons remaining on the map.
  • Fixed an issue where after navigating to the bottom of a longer quest’s objective log, details for other quests were missing.
  • Fixed an issue where restarting from save after looting Greenshine would result in the jobs system directing the player to the previously looted site. (NOTE: This will not retroactively fix jobs for previously looted sites that are already active. For these players, once the player reaches the indicated area, the system will update and the player will be redirected to the correct site) .

Performance and stability

  • Several crash fixes.
  • Several in-game and cutscene streaming fixes.


  • Fixed an issue where Aloy could bounce hard for up to 10 seconds when looting an item. The celebratory loot raves are over, but they live on in memory.
  • Fixed an issue where the landing pad in Raintrace Rise could not be used.
  • Several fixes for data points not unlocking correctly.
  • Several fixes for controller remapping.
  • Several fixes to Aloy’s animations.
  • Several fixes for Aloy or important characters/machines falling out of world.
  • Several audio fixes and improvements.
  • Several lighting fixes and improvements.
  • Several fixes and improvements to body and facial animations in cutscenes.
  • Several fixes and improvements to NPC animations and NPC props in settlements.
  • Multiple localization and subtitle fixes and improvements.
  • Several other bugfixes.

If you’re wondering what’s been fixed in patch 1.11, you can check out the update here.

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