New champions and content are coming to the League of Legends: Wild Rift

New champions and content are coming to the League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: The Studio Behind Wild Rift, Riot Games has announced new content for the upcoming 3.3 update. The latest update will feature new skins, events, a new wild pass, a new game mode, items, champions and more.

The following champions will be introduced:

  • Casadine, Ineffective Walker: This patch originates from the Icathia wasteland. Casadine is a striking mid-lane who scales strongly in late play.
  • Samira, The Desert Rose: Dragon Lane is here to enhance your style. With a mix of blows and wide attack, Samira is for players who want to take risks: and looks good while doing it.
  • Sion, The Undead Juggernaut: Comes Up Once More. If you have an ax to grind in Baron Lane, try this irresistible force and destroy the rift.

As part of the new update, Elemental Rift will officially become the default map for all game modes in Summoners’ Rift. Wild Rift will use some features from the League of Legends using Infernal, Ocean and Mountain Drake. At the beginning of the game the map of the terrain will be transformed into a component and will meet the goals of the team around the Elemental Rift Player Agency.

Active item swaps will also be introduced to increase flexibility with player fascination. Players can use it to transform the store into another active form without selling their boots. It will cost some gold to do this and put your activator in a small cooldown. Also, Repulsor Enchant will be added to Enchantments, and if you are close to an explosion, it will repel enemies in a small area around you and you.

Season 6 will feature a new single-based Legend Ranked mode and will only be available to Diamond and its players. Players participating in this mode can advance to six levels. The rankings will be updated in real-time, and Legend Ranked Q players will have the opportunity to unlock exclusive cosmetics.

The Legend Ranked will have the same cycle as the traditional Ranked system, but it won’t be at the beginning of season six and will start at a later date. Players will only be able to line up at specific times to ensure matches are available at a faster pace.

The following skins will be added to Season 6:

  • Star Guardian Ahri
  • Star Guardian Miss Fortune
  • Star Guardian Oriana
  • Star Guardian Rakan
  • Released Star Guardian Rakan
  • Star Guardian Army
  • Star Guardian Best
  • Star Guardian Jayah
  • Khalas Star Guardian Jayah
  • Stargazer action
  • The glorious Crimson Fiora
  • God first Lee Sin
  • Dragon Trainer Tristana
  • The beekeeper sang
  • Harbinger Casadin
  • Pool Party Caitlin
  • Pool party grave
  • Pool party said. Mundo
  • Pool Party Jigsaw
  • PsyOps Kyle
  • PsyOps Master Yi
  • PsyOps Samira
  • PsyOps Z
  • Warmanjar Sion
  • Warring States Jarvan IV
  • The warring states of Katarina
  • Moon Goddess Diana

A new Wild Pass will be introduced, so you can get to level 50. The Star Guardian Wild Rift will arrive and players will be able to collect Star Candy and unique prizes while participating in the event. Players will be able to view Redeemed Star Guardian event passes, complete missions for event tokens, and pick up additional tokens from the store. These tokens can be traded for various prizes including Redeemed Jayah and Rakan.

Wild Rift is a free-to-play mobile game. You can download it from Apple App Store, Google Play and Galaxy Store.

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