Nebula V rounds are ‘worthless’ according to Warzone players

Nebula V rounds out in war zone are a hard-to-understand field upgrade for players, with some finding it directly undesirable when hiking around the Battle Royale game maps. With Operation Monarch fast approaching after the recent release of Season 3, players might rekindle their interest in the game, trying out some of the new content that has been released since April 27. This once again means accepting the many on-field upgrades that can be found in points of interest and figuring out how they can help a player win a game or two.

Unlike simpler war zone field upgrades such as Stopping Power Rounds (removed in the last patch) which grants an ammo magazine that does more damage or the Ammo Box which replenishes ammo for your weapons and gear. Nebula V Rounds, when picked up, houses the gun currently equipped with toxin bullets. When bullets down an enemy, it causes a cloud of gas to be emitted around their body, damaging any players who enter the nearby radius.

Considering player reactions, however, Nebula V Rounds may have proven more detrimental for many Warzone players. Players aired their grievances on the Warzone subreddit, discussing the issues they’ve had with Nebula Gas. In this Reddit thread, a player points out the damage caused by the gas looting enemy bodies impracticaldue to the gas poisoning of anyone who comes near it, which damage body platesfinished armor that protects the player from potential damage.

While the post isn’t entirely one-sided in its criticism of the bullets in question, many point to the benefits of being able to shoot an enemy from afar using such bullets, preventing enemy teammates from wanting to resurrect the downed player on their team. Some have also pointed out the merits of simply having more bullets in your gun or firing a nebula gas filled rocket into an enclosed space.

Despite opinions to the contrary, the consensus seems to be that Nebula V Rounds as a field upgrade is niche in nature, if not ineffective in serving its purpose. They have no bonus damage when equipped and can make close firefights dangerous for the victor trying to reap the spoils of victory. And in that sense, the field upgrade could possibly use some tweaks in upcoming patches, given the removal of both Stopping Power and Dead Silence, which reduced the number of upgrades. level on the field that players now have access to.

Call of Duty Warzone is now available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PC.

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