Neat Overwatch Skin Concept imagines Sombra as a cowgirl

A fun Overwatch skin concept imagines what hacker Talon Sombra would look like if she spent more time with Cassidy and Ashe.


Monitoring is packed with interesting characters with unique visual styles, and one of the most recognizable heroes of them all is undoubtedly Sombra. However, a Monitoring fan has given the hacker a serious makeover that turns her into a different kind of criminal.

This isn’t the first time fans have shared a unique skin idea for Sombra, as a few custom designs have popped up online over the years. One such design imagined Sombra as an Aztec god, with the character given shiny armor and a mohawk. Another gave fans a look at Sombra dressed as the Mad Hatter, with the skin giving her a unique dress, a small hat, and a clock on her back. The latest concept stays true to Sombra’s theme of unexpected designs, as it sees her becoming an outlaw like Cassidy and Ashe.


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Design comes from Reddit user and Monitoring fan the_npc_, and he is nicknamed Vaquera Sombra. The design sees the damaged character don a purple top, brown belt, and flashy skirt adorned with a unique flower pattern. She also wears hoop earrings and a unique braided hairstyle, and while her purple highlights are retained, she is slightly longer than Sombra usually keeps her. Two other details see a cowgirl hat strapped to Sombra’s back and unique boots that fully embrace the skin theme. She also has a colorful collar which adds a bit to the aesthetic.

However, as is sometimes the case with large Monitoring skin concepts, the redesigned weapon steals the show. Sombra’s submachine gun sports a sleek wooden design on its stock, colored threads on the side, and a black magazine. The top of the gun really brings the rig together, as it features a saddle – essentially turning the gun into a racehorse. The purple number 1 in place of a weapon sight fully sells this idea, and should this skin become official, this version of Sombra’s submachine gun would instantly be the most unique in the game.

In the comments, fans shared that they liked the skin, but that its cowgirl vibes were less evident than what is seen with the Monitoring Ashe hero. Turns out that was completely intentional, as the_npc_ wanted to differentiate the skin from other western looks in the game to better embrace Mexican culture. It’s understandable, and the result is a skin that looks less cowgirl-like at first glance but ultimately fits Sombra’s personality and culture well.

With Sombra Monitor 2 reworked making her significantly more powerful, she could soon have a lot more fans. If any of these players are as creative as the_npc_, maybe more awesome skin concepts for the character will be created.

Monitoring is available now on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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