NBA: Kyrie Irving leads Brooklyn Nets to win over Cleveland Cavaliers

Kyrie Irving joined the Brooklyn Nets in 2019

Kyrie Irving led the Brooklyn Nets to a 115-108 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers in an Eastern Conference playoff.

Irving scored 34 points and made his first 12 shots as the Nets secured the seventh seed in the play-offs.

They will now face the Boston Celtics in the first round of the play-offs.

The Nets held a “moment of reflection” before the game and donated $50,000 to the Tuesday subway shooting victims in Brooklyn.

The gift is a joint gift with the New York Liberty Foundation.

More than 20 people were injured in the shooting at Brooklyn’s 36th Street train station.

“It’s devastating,” Kevin Durant said of the shots before the win over the Cavaliers.

“To hear the sirens outside the training facility and see so much commotion outside, you hope and pray for the best for everyone involved.”

Nets coach Steve Nash said it was clear the community had been affected “in a tragic, unfortunate and senseless way”.

“We saw a side of life today that is ugly, disappointing and can, I think, sometimes be worrisome to people in the community,” Nash said.

“But it’s more important now for our community to see how to support each other and continue to live with conviction and find ways to overcome.”

The 7th-10th place teams in the Eastern Conference and Western Conference progress to the NBA play-ins.

Two teams from each division can then secure a place in the end-of-season play-offs via the play-ins route.

the Minnesota Wolves secured its play-off spot with a 109-104 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers.

Anthony Edwards scored 30 points and D’Angelo Russell 29 as the Timberwolves won the Western Conference game.

It’s only the second time in the past 18 seasons that the Timberwolves have reached the play-offs.

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