Naomi Irion: Chilling new video is released of hooded suspect in Walmart parking lot where teenage boy disappeared

Nevada authorities and Naomi Irion’s family members – most of them crying – pleaded on Tuesday for anyone to come forward with information about the 18-year-old, who disappeared from a Walmart parking lot more than a week ago .

“Because the incident happened so close to I-80, she could be anywhere – anywhere in the country,” Ms. Irion’s mother, Diana – who took the plane from his home in South Africa after his daughter went missing on March 12.

Ms Irion was last seen speaking with a man in the Walmart parking lot in Fernley, Nevada – about 34 miles east of Reno – as she prepared to take a shuttle to work in Panasonic, nearby.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Department previously released surveillance footage showing a hooded figure pacing, sometimes walking directly in front of vehicles and their headlights, in the parking lot before interacting with Ms. Irion.

Authorities initially said the suspect was from the direction of a homeless encampment, but on Tuesday they clarified they weren’t necessarily looking for a homeless person – and the suspect reportedly had access to an expensive van. Anyone with information on a dark-colored 2020 or newer Chevrolet four-door is welcome to provide information.

Ms Irion, who moved to the western Nevada town last year with her older brother, did not show up for work on March 12 and the next day. When she did not return home, her brother became concerned and called the local prisons and hospitals.

The teenager’s father, who lives and works in South Africa, has access to her bank accounts and confirmed Ms Irion’s last purchase was made near Walmart on Saturday morning. his brother, Casey Valley, went to Walmart to see if they could find any clues.

“We found safety at Walmart, and they were very helpful – and I’m very grateful to them for allowing us to surprise them and showing us these images,” Mr Valley said last week during a press conference.

Footage showed her baby sister having an alarming interaction with a hooded man in the parking lot.

“That person said or did something to Naomi to get her to move from the driver’s side to the passenger’s side,” he said, noting that it was then “that I reported it as a kidnapping.”

Ms Irion’s car was later found in a nearby industrial park and contained evidence that her disappearance was suspicious, authorities said.

Authorities demanded information as hundreds of people gathered to search the area. A vigil is scheduled for Tuesday at 7 p.m. and attendees are encouraged to wear rainbow colors, which the 18-year-old loves; her family had rainbow ribbons pinned to their clothing at Tuesday’s press conference.

Ms Irion’s sister, Tamara Cartwright, traveled from Texas after her sister’s disappearance and pleaded with anyone who witnessed anything in person or on social media to come forward.

“It’s life or death for my sister,” she said Tuesday. “Life or death.”

Naomi, she said last week, is “such a nice person…I’m so scared someone betrayed the trust” she places in people.

“I came from South Africa yesterday,” the teenager’s father added last week. “I went to her room and started looking at her stuff – shoes and makeup, everything she had, dirty laundry – and started crying.

“She’s my daughter, but she’s also your daughter, your sister. She needs help and we need to find her.

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