Mother says American Airlines has lost her 12-year-old daughter: ‘Absolute abandonment of a minor’

Mother says American Airlines has lost her 12-year-old daughter: ‘Absolute abandonment of a minor’

A mother in Georgia attacked American Airlines when she learned that the airline had lost her 12-year-old daughter when she landed on her flight from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Miami.

Monica Gilliam, 39, received a tragic call last Saturday when she thought her daughter, Kimber, was being safely taken on her flight to Miami to meet her father using American Airlines’ essential Chapron service for passengers under the age of 15.

“It was the manager of American Airlines in Miami and he said, ‘Your child is missing, we have closed the terminal, we don’t know where he is,'” he said in a video posted on his TikTok account, which has now received more than 1.8 million views.

“I was like, ‘How did you lose my child?’ You know how to lose an unaccompanied minor? ” He added.

In an interview with WSBTV, Ms. Gilliam explained how she paid a 150 fee to use the Chapron service that American Airlines has to use on its website to customers when they are sending children ages 5 to 14 alone.

On the website, the airline describes how the service gives early access to unaccompanied minors to board, for an airport escort and Miss Gilliam to help establish the connection, most importantly, “taking the child to the authorized adult when they pick them up”.

The single mother of four explained to ABC Affiliate that she could not afford to travel with her daughter but believed she was in safe hands using unmarried small services.

But, he mentioned in his TikTok video, his daughter was just taken on a plane. When the deboarding occurred, his 12-year-old walked away from the plane and flight attendants allegedly “removed him.”

“It turns out that the flight attendants got him off the plane and said ‘bye’ and he didn’t know what to do so he kept going because they told him ‘bye’ so he kept walking,” Mrs Gilliam said. That Miami, where her daughter landed alone with a sign labeled “incompatible minor,” is a well-known center of human trafficking.

According to the Women’s Fund Miami, Miami-Dead Hall is the number one hub for trafficking in Florida, where the state itself ranks third in the country.

Monica Gilliam, 39, says American Airlines ‘lost’ her 12-year-old daughter while traveling from Tennessee to Miami over the July 4 weekend.

(TikTok / @ relativelymonica)

“So she’s going through the airport with that billboard on her, that she was an unaccompanied minor in one of the largest human trafficking centers in the country,” he told TikTok.

Fortunately for her daughter, she explained, she was able to connect with her father via FaceTime, who then helped her young child navigate the busy airport in the middle of a busy July 4 weekend that flooded about 7 million travelers in the United States since Friday. Sunday.

“On the way out, no American Airlines employee stopped him to see if he was an adult. An employee at Miami Airport did not stop him, not even a TSA security agent – before he left the safe area to claim baggage -” he noted.

Her father was able to meet his daughter inside the luggage claim.

In an interview with WTVC NewsChannel 9 in Chatanuga, Mrs Gilliam told the news agency that she had since contacted American Airlines about the firefight and they apologized and offered her three free flights for the tragic incident she suffered. .

This proposal, he said, is probably one that will not be out of cash.

“I have no plans to fly again with American Airlines because what they have done is unforgivable. And now I have no faith in them, because they didn’t do their job. And they lost my child, ”he told NewsChannel9.

Freedom Reached American Airlines for comment but did not return immediately.

In a separate response, the airline told ABC News that it was “deeply concerned about our young passengers and committed to providing them with a safe and enjoyable travel experience”.

“We have taken these issues very seriously and are looking into what happened. A member of our team reached out to customers to learn more about their experience, ”an airline representative added in a statement.

On its website, the airline notes that although they provide escort services on and off the plane, when a child is on the plane, flight attendants may be busy with other responsibilities on board.

“Remember, our flight attendants will be on duty on board the ship and will not be able to constantly monitor your child during their flight,” the airline’s website said. “Ask your child to ring the call button if they need anything.”

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