More than 300 Virginia government workers have resigned since the governor announced the change of remote work

More than 300 Virginia government workers have resigned since the governor announced the change of remote work

More than 300 state employees have resigned since Virginia Gov. Glenn Yankin announced a new policy in early May requiring workers to return to private work by July 5.

In the spring, as a growing number of blue and red states across the country began to simplify mask mandates and epidemic restrictions, the Republican governor sought to end the telework policy that had been in place for most Virginia employees since 2020.

But despite some pushbacks from Democratic Virginia lawmakers who called for the governor to be overturned when announcing the state’s new telecom policy, Governor Yankin in particular urged the heads of each state agency to return the decision so they could work alongside their staff. Make a plan to return to work properly after the Labor Day holiday, the Republican governor went ahead.

“We know that creative, innovative and effective solutions for all Virginians here in the Commonwealth can be achieved through regular, personal interaction with our incredible workforce,” the governor said in a statement announcing the policy. “From day one, my commitment to a top-notch government to serve all Virginians is clear. These updates balance the needs of government services with the needs of our public servants.”

More than 300 employees of five agencies in the state have resigned since the decision was made, at the request of the Freedom of Information Act filed by 8 News.

In those records, it shows that 183 people resigned from the Virginia Department of Transportation, of which 28 employees specifically cited “telework options” as the reason for their departure, while two of those resignations from VDOT moved to other states. Agency

Other agencies that have registered resignations since the announcement on Telework include the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC), the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and the Department of MN (EMC).

The news outlet noted that a sample of their records showed that five agencies had recorded resignations in the time window requested for their information and that they had collected Intel from various state agencies and departments but noted that it represented only a small sliver of all state-appointed workers.

A significant number of resignations were recorded at VDH (78 in total) and the third highest was seen at VEC, with a total of 37 between May 5 and June 27.

Unfortunately, most departments did not specifically collect information on why an employee left their workplace, although 29 of the VDH employees who resigned said “better job,” three said they were “dissatisfied,” and six mentioned “homework.” The remaining former employees listed illness, transfer, education or other reasons for leaving.

Gov. Yankin, a Trump-backed Republican who became the first GOP governor to hold office in the Commonwealth since 2014, has been pushing the once-reliable democratic state further to the right since taking office in January 2022.

In his first few days in office, he issued a number of conservative executive orders promising his campaign, including removing the classroom mask mandate, expanding and trying to expand the responsibilities of a state diversity officer to include being an “ambassador for unborn children.” Scrap Virginia’s participation in carbon-limiting initiatives to tackle climate change.

Instantly on the opposite side Rowe vs. WadeThe Republican governor said he personally believes that life begins during pregnancy and promises to sign “any bill” hat that can try to “save lives” across his desk.

“Any bill that comes to my desk I will sign with joy and gladness to save lives,” he said as he celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize the landmark ruling at an online forum hosted by the Virginia Family Foundation in June. Nationwide abortion.

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