Moon Knight introduces an all-new Mr. Knight to go with an all-new Steven Grant

Moon Knight fans have a lot to look forward to as Marvel’s famously bizarre superhero steps into live action for the first time this week. But, as the hero’s famously fractured personalities are translated into the MCU, one (or, technically, two) of them might surprise comic book fans. Steven Grant, who in the comics is the closest identity, wealth, gentleness and sociability to Moon Knight’s Bruce Wayne, was adapted for the series as both awkward and broken with a now infamous British accent for to crown it all.

In this week’s episode, “Summon The Suit,” we take a closer look at Steven’s place in the world of Moon Knight as well as a look at how he fits into the overall scheme of Moon Knight as well. Super hero. At the end of the episode, he summons his own version of the Moon Knight costume – which Marc jokes resembles “Colonel Sanders” – and is quite a departure from the traditional armor with the puffy cape and hood. . . Steven’s costume is actually based on a relatively recent addition to the Moon Knight canon. Called “Mr. Knight”, the costumed version of the superhero was introduced by Declan Shalvey and Warren Ellis in 2014 as, functionally, an additional identity in its own right. While Moon Knight proper was a ruthless vigilante, Mr. Knight was a much more investigative, detective-like character who often teamed up with others to help solve various crimes.

Of course, in the series, we now see that the live-action version of Mr. Knight is anything but a brilliant detective, just as Steven himself is anything but a suave billionaire. In fact, Mr. Knight isn’t actually named, nor a separate identity in Marc’s system of identities, the suit is simply the result of Steven summoning Khonshu’s power rather than Marc’s.

It’s a significant disconnect with comic book canon, but at this point in the MCU’s evolution, fans should probably be prepared for it. And, of course, it wasn’t without consideration from the creatives behind the show. Speaking with GameSpot, producer Grant Curtis explained that the decision to drop Steven’s billionaire characterization was in order to help invite new fans into the world of Moon Knight.

“[We wanted to] tell the story of Steven Grant and Marc Spector with the audience, putting the audience front and center as much as possible. As Marc learns about this side of his life, as Steven learns about this side of his life, putting the audience front and center with them, I think that’s what makes this trip extra special.”

Curtis went on to explain that showrunner Jeremy Slater was responsible for most of the decision to update Steven in this way – but that Oscar Isaac also played a major role in his development. Yes, even with the accent.

“What you see on screen wouldn’t be the Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Moon Knight, without an Oscar [Isaac]“explained Curtis. “His involvement was necessary, it was incredible. No one works harder than Oscar Isaac. It took that kind of commitment to bring this character to life.”

New episodes of Disney+’s Moon Knight stream every Wednesday.

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