MLB The Show 22 settings to change before playing

Before you hit the field in MLB The Show 22, you’ll probably want to check out the many tuning options available in the game. As a baseball simulation game, MLB The Show 22 has a wide variety of tuning options, allowing you to make the game as serious or arcade-like as you want. Since the number of options can be overwhelming, especially for new players, here’s what you need to do first.

Select the best control schemes for your style of play

First, you’ll need to select the control schemes for the different parts of the game. We’ve got guides for choosing the best basic throwing, kicking, and running control options, but the important thing to know is that having more control over your players will make you more competitive, especially online. For example, Pinpoint pitching is the most complicated way to throw pitches in MLB The Show 22, but it also allows you to throw with the most precision. Depending on what kind of experience you want to get out of the game, you will have to choose the control scheme you like. These can be changed at any time, so change the controls if you don’t like how you feel.