MLB Opening Day: Ranking all four wins, including the Yankees’ first Opening Day since 1957

Opening Day 2022 is in the books. In two days, we saw four walkout wins, tied for the most walkout wins on Opening Day in MLB history. The last time we had four wins on Opening Day was a long time ago… in 2021. Last year alone. Maybe we’ll have five starts on the next opening day. That would be cool.

In service of maximum opening day enjoyment, we’re here to rank this year’s four rides. These highly unscientific rankings are based on many things, including the coolness and unlikelihood of the end game. Come with me, won’t you?

A great player with his new team against a historic rival, sure, but it was an objectively lame outing. The runner on second base was the automatic runner in the 11th inning, the Red Sox were so deep in their bullpen that the pitcher (Kutter Crawford) was making his second MLB appearance, and the hit was a low fly single. with the eyes.

I’m willing to listen to arguments that numbers 1-3 on this list should be in a different order. I don’t want to listen to any argument that any of the other three starts really should be ranked No. 4. That start was fine. If it happened in mid-June rather than opening day, you’d forget it happened next weekend. Ahead.


This start also took place in extra innings, although the winning run was do not the auto runner. Mauricio Dubón was caught wandering too far from second base on Brandon Belt’s fly ball earlier in the 10th inning, leading to your classic 9-6-4 double play. With two outs, Darin Ruf walked, then Slater doubled to left field. Ruf scored from the first goal:

Bonus points for the big Darin Ruf huffing and huffing around the bases, and my God, what a Duane Kuiper call. Few broadcasters bring the sport to life quite like Kuiper and he always pulls off a big play. This was no different. Round neck, good call. Just a great walking experience.


My favorite starts are starts when the team is behind, and we only had one on opening day. Beer provided it against veteran Padres reliever Craig Stammen. Arizona was untouched in six innings and trailed 2-0 going into the ninth. Then Robert Suarez walked twice and hit a batter, and Beer turned a 2-1 deficit into a 4-2 win with just one swing:

Fun fact: April 7 is National Beer Day. Does Seth Beer hit a home run on National Beer Day? It would make a cheesy plotline in a baseball fanfiction series. But it’s the real world. It happened. The baseball gods are cool like that.


This game was incredible – five runs were scored in the last three half-innings after four runs were scored in the first 15 – and the start was one of the most memorable games in recent memory. It also featured Detroit’s two big additions on offense: Báez and Austin Meadows. Always fun when the new guys lead you to an opening day win.

Eric Haase tied the game with a solo homer in the ninth inning against Liam Hendriks. Two batters later, Meadows tripled into the right center field gap at spacious Comerica Park, and tripled the rule. Meadows tripled with two outs, so a sacrifice fly wasn’t going to work. Báez needed a hit to win the game. A hit or this:

The ball hit the wall, then bounced in and out of (and inside) AJ Pollock’s glove in right field. Maybe a ball that should have been caught? Or at least Pollock should have put it on with gloves on before it hit the wall? Anyway, I’m glad he didn’t. Fun and unconventional walks are the most memorable victories. Add opening day and we’ll be talking about this game all season.

“I thought it hit the glove and then the wall,” Báez told Jason Beck of after the game. “I knew he hit the wall, but I just didn’t know if it was the wall first.”

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