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Apex Legends has a diverse roster that brings its own unique set of skills to the intense battle royale. While many of these heroes fall into the same archetypes you’d expect from familiar online shooters, each character’s abilities have a distinct twist that can open up some interesting strategies and team dynamics. With each match bringing its own situational encounters and tense shootouts, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of your character to survive, while also knowing what to do if you come across them on the field.

In this quick guide, we take a look at the cunning, but somewhat insecure Mirage. His particular skills can create bizarre encounters where you will see double, allowing him and his team to gain the upper hand. Although these skills seem basic at first glance, they can create exciting opportunities for you and your team, which can pave the way to becoming a champion.

Known as the Holographic Trickster, Mirage is one of two unlockable characters in Apex Legends, the other being Caustic. It brings with it advanced holographic technology that can create fake duplicates for tactical purposes. On the surface, many of his skills seem a little too situational and unorthodox, however, in keeping with the gameplay loop of a battle royale game, Mirage is the type of character who knows how to mess up his enemy’s focus – this which can mean all the difference in an intense fight.

With her array of holographic skills, Mirage can confuse enemies and create additional pressure during battles. His main tactical skill, known as Psyche Out, allows Mirage to create a holographic clone that precedes him. At first glance, this duplicate is indistinguishable from the real one, which may cause other players to open fire. Mirage’s decoy also displays intelligence, and they act differently depending on where they are deployed. For example, using one near a supply box will cause the decoy to perform an animation where it tries to open it. While many of these skills require certain circumstances to be truly effective, they’re best used in situations where you’re not sure what to expect or when you need to help your team by keeping fire away from enemies. enemies. However, it may take some time to get used to its abilities. With that in mind, here’s a quick breakdown on how to use skills effectively.

Mirage Abilities

Passive Skill: Bis

If all else fails and you get, Mirage’s Encore passive skill will kick in. Once you’re knocked down, you’ll instantly become invisible and a decoy will drop in your place, which performs an overly dramatic death animation. This will buy you time to get to safety. However, the skill won’t last long. If you’re still in the open and an enemy is nearby, you’re a prime target to take down.

Tactical skill: Psyche out

Mirage’s tactical ability, Psyche Out, lets you send out a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy. It’s a skill that has a surprising number of uses. In addition to drawing enemy fire into certain hotspots, allowing you to flank or get a bead where an enemy is hiding, it’s also a great skill to use for playing mind games. For example, during the initial jump, you can send decoys to landing spots, confusing enemy players into thinking they are more active than they actually are.

Ultimate Skill: Disappearance certificate

The Vanishing Act ultimate ability is basically a combination of Mirage’s passive and tactical skills. When activated, Mirage turns invisible and lets a team of holograms distract the enemy for him. The skill is a great way to confuse enemies, who will likely lose track of which Mirage is the real one. This can be especially handy during tough fights in crowded spaces. Some of the Vanishing Act’s best uses come when it’s used to bail out fights your team is outmatched in or when you have to jump on enemies during a fight. However, there is a certain clue that can help enemy players keep track of the real Mirage. When you become invisible, you leave a silhouette and can take damage. If the enemy can stay focused on any sudden movement, they can still hit you with their shots.

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Tips for playing

Mirage’s greatest strength in combat is her ability to disorient enemies and shake up a fight. With his holographic skills, he can easily disrupt a fight using his holograms, which also gives him and his team time to breathe. Right from the start of the match, once you and your team have taken the leap, he can pull off some interesting tricks on other teams. While stepping off the ship, Mirage can send up to two different holograms onto the field. This can cause other teams to panic mid-air, altering their trajectory to avoid any possible combat while on the ground.

Once on the ground, Mirage is best used to keep her skills close to the vest. Unlike other support characters, her abilities aren’t practical with just her team. However, once the going gets tough, when you inevitably run into an enemy team, that’s where Mirage can shine. If you feel like an enemy team is nearby, you can send out a hologram to act as a probe, causing enemies to fire gunfire. While right now it’s hard to tell which is the real Mirage or a hologram, and they’ll likely open fire on sight.

Like all other characters, Mirage can carry his weight in combat with any weapon he can get his hands on. However, given his trickster-focused skills, you might be better off using long-range weapons, such as the Longbow or Triple Take sniper rifles. Once you cast a decoy, you’ll likely see enemies shooting at the hologram, which will either give you a clue as to where they are or, if you’re lucky, an opening if they decide. to come running. investigate.

Mirage has a rather peculiar skill set, but in the hands of a patient and decisive player, he can be an effective teammate to have. Even before it hits the battlefield, it can cause panic among enemy teams, which can make for an impressive start to the game.

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