Minecraft YouTuber beats the game on Hardcore without killing anything

Minecraft gamers are some of the most creative gamers out there, probably because the game they play is all about creativity. We see wonderful creations almost daily and they even come up with creative ways to complete the game. One such example is Minecraft YouTuber SwitchBackMongo who recently shared his attempt to complete the game on hardcore difficulty without killing anything, which is much harder than it seems.

First shared by PCGamesN, SwitchBackMongo’s recently uploaded YouTube video details all the trials and challenges players will have to overcome if they want to complete hardcore Minecraft as a Pacifist. If you’ve never experienced Minecraft on hardcore difficulty before, this essentially locks the game to the hard mode difficulty setting and also prevents players from respawning. Once you’re dead, that’s it.


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Most Minecraft players will know that to complete the game you need to collect Blaze Rods. These rods are turned into powder which is used to craft Ender’s Eyes, but you can only get them by killing Blazes. SwitchBackMongo’s rather humorous solution was to tame and raise an army of hounds to fight on their behalf, swarming the poor Blazes as they spawn.

The full video is packed with ingenious workarounds to put together the ingredients needed to beat the game, with a few tense moments sprinkled throughout. There are also a bunch of other challenges attempted by SwitchBackMongo – including an attempt to earn every advancement in just 100 days – so be sure to check out their YouTube channel if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

If you prefer the speedrun side of Minecraft, we’ve got you covered too. A group of Minecraft players recently set a new world record for the fastest co-op completion in the game, clocking in at 1 minute and 56 seconds, about the same time it takes me to choose a spot for my house. to go. Speedrunners never cease to amaze.

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