Minecraft player crafts Khonshu Temple from Moon Knight

A talented Minecraft player recreates Moon Knight’s Temple of Khonshu, in light of the series’ overwhelming popularity since its release in March.

In the world of Minecraft, players can create anything their mind can conjure up in the open-world sandbox game. The ability to produce anything and everything Minecraft led the large player base to come up with new ideas with their displays of artistic brilliance.

Fans of Marvel Studios’ latest hit series moon knight can recognize the latest creation by Minecraft such as the temple belonging to Khonshu, a member of the Ennead and god of the Moon. In moon knight Khonshu’s character selects Marc Spector to work as an avatar and be guided by his will due to his inability to enter the earth realm.


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Reddit user SamudraJS69 has recreated the infamous Khonshu Temple, using white blocks to shape the skull-like structure and surrounding it with forests. It is not the first time moon knight moved into the world of video games, with fortnite add one moon knight skin to the game in April. This is one of the earliest examples of a moon knight creation within Minecraft, and reaction to the comic book-inspired structure has been positive. In the image provided by the user, the structure is shown to scale, surrounded by green groves and including a path in the mouth of the skull.

Playing Minecraft, it is common for players to collect materials as quickly as possible to create infrastructure before nightfall. For players, building a house in Minecraft is one of the most important things to do, as it serves as shelter and protection from anything that might attack. This simple act created a world full of players looking for new challenges and those bored with the mundane life of slaying spiders and skeletons. For some, the art of creativity is far more alluring, and as such a new breed of Minecraft players was born, filling the gaming world with mind-blowing demonstrations of patience and imagination.

The world of Minecraft never ceases to amaze viewers, as buildings and structures continue to have greater detail and represent their real-life counterparts with stunning accuracy. It also helps that Minecraft is one of the most replayable games, continuing to attract new players despite being 11 years old already. The community seems to continue to grow every year, and more content creators are adding to its popularity with every stream and video. It’s hard to imagine Minecraft never losing the momentum it has built, with players continuing to create whatever their minds can imagine.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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