Minecraft Fans Discover the Fishing Easter Egg

With the size of Minecraft, as well as new content being added regularly, it’s inevitable that some things won’t be discovered until later.

Minecraft screenshot showing the player fishing.

Since time immemorial, video games have been known to hide little secrets here and there that are not always discovered during the first games. This is especially true for open-world titles that have sprawling maps with lots of areas to discover. games like Skyrim have a ton of interesting Easter eggs, including ones that occasionally reference other franchises. Minecraft is another example where the developer can sneak in something that may not be discovered for some time. In this case, it can take fans years to unearth them.


User TidiToad posted a short clip on the Minecraft Subreddit a few days ago which shows them fishing for a bit with another player. During the generally quiet activity, they are suddenly a bit shocked when an old guardian comes out of the small body of water to attack them. According to a report from PCGamesN, this is based on an April Fools’ Snap update that dates back to 2020, meaning this rare Easter egg apparently went unnoticed for two years.

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By fishing in Minecraft is generally a peaceful affair, the sight of the vicious guardian must have spooked players a bit as they moved frantically to defend themselves. It appears to be a rare occurrence in which attempting to catch fish can produce this antagonistic beast. Although the post title on Reddit says it was from the 20w13infinite snapshot, it’s more than likely the 20w14infinite version instead. In any case, it shows that no matter how long the game has been out, there are still opportunities to find new stuff.

As for the crowd itself, the Guardians of Minecraft are hostile creatures that emit a powerful laser beam. They were added to the game for patch 13w25a after being announced in the summer of 2014. A number of people in the comments noted how unlikely it must have been to be able to discover an ancient guardian while fishing.

After more than a decade, many secrets still remain in Minecraft, some of which are still found by players to this day. With the addition of the two-year-old April Fool’s Day update, it shows that no matter how many millions of fans log in to play the game each month, fans will still be amazed at what’s in there. find. This begs the question of what else Mojang has left behind that has yet to be found.

Minecraft is available now for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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Source: PCGamesN


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