MiHoYo Opens Second Closed Beta Registration for Honkai: Star Rail

MiHoYo is opening registration for the second round of beta testing for sci-fi RPG Honkai: Star Rail with players able to register until mid-May.

The resounding success of the online gacha RPG Genshin Impact since its release in late 2020, has propelled MiHoYo into one of the biggest names in the gaming industry. The RPG has maintained its position as one of the most talked about games on social media platforms like Twitter since its launch and the game’s gacha banners have earned MiHoYo hundreds of millions of dollars. With GenshinBegging success for a follow-up, MiHoYo announced their new game, Honkai: Stellar Railat the end of last year with its first closed beta test and recently returned with more news about the RPG in development.


Revealed in October last year, Honkai: Stellar Rail draws more inspiration from MiHoYo’s original flagship franchise, Honkai Impact 3rdsharing many of the same exploration elements of Genshin but with a more sci-fi inspired setting. star trackhowever, differs from its predecessors with a major change to the game’s combat, swapping real-time combat from Genshin and Honkai for a more traditional turn-based combat system. Now, MiHoYo’s latest announcement for the upcoming RPG officially reveals open registrations for the game’s second closed beta test.

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MiHoYo has officially announced the second closed beta test for Honkai: Stellar Rail Thursday with a survey for interested gamers to complete asking for details such as information on how often a gamer plays games throughout the week and their experience with similar games. MiHoYo also released a new trailer alongside the listings teasing the game’s story elements as well as a variety of dynamic and beautiful locations for players to explore. Interested players will be able to sign up for the beta until May 15, after which invitations will be sent to all players accepted for the test.

While the beta version of MiHoYo’s latest game will likely attract many Genshin Impact fans to sign up for testing, players shouldn’t expect to see heavy references to the hit RPG in Honkai: Stellar Rail. star trackThe sci-fi theme of sees the game getting much closer to Honkai Impact 3rd and the game even features multiple characters with extremely similar appearances to the popular Honkai characters like Bronya and Himeko. MiHoYo is also hosting a community event on the game’s official Twitter, with winners gaining access to the closed beta.

Honkai: Stellar RailMiHoYo’s second closed beta test comes as MiHoYo recently encountered an issue with its most popular title. After heavy speculation about potential delays, the Genshin Impact officially announced developer Genshin ImpactThe version 2.7 update is said to be delayed, with many believing the unusual delay was the result of recent COVID-19 lockdowns in Shanghai, where the developer’s headquarters are located. Although MiHoYo has yet to confirm if the delays will affect any of his other games, the developer’s avid fans will soon get a chance to experience his new adventure.

Honkai: Stellar Rail is in development for PC and mobile devices.

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