Miami Football Recruitment: Four-Star EDGE Jaden Owen Committed, Helps Vault Cannes in Top 10 Rankings

Miami Football Recruitment: Four-Star EDGE Jaden Owen Committed, Helps Vault Cannes in Top 10 Rankings

247 Sports

Jayden Wayne, a four-star prospect in the 2023 recruiting class, according to 247Sports, announced his commitment at the live CBS Sports headquarters in Miami on Saturday. Bradenton, Florida, ranked No. 36 overall in the class and ranked No. 5 as EDGE Rasha.

Owen chose Miami from a list that included five other finalists: Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Michigan State and Oregon. His promise is the latest in a powerful Miami class built by first-year coach Mario Cristobal. He is the 13th member of the class, and his commitment has pushed Miami’s 2023 group to the top 10 nationally. It is the second-highest-rated class in the ACC behind Clemson.

Below is a scouting report from 247Sports National Recruitment Analyst Chris Singlettari, who compared the 6-5, 245-pounder to former Michigan defensive lineman – and current Green Bay Packer – Russian Gary.

Good frame for adding weight and mass. As she matures she will gain more energy in the weight room she will define her body structure and reach her physical peak. Already checking in at 6-foot-4, he can top out at 270 pounds in college without compromising his athleticism.

Well the first step and the ball bursts off. Gains the ground and immediately pushes the tackle due to its penetration. Very good pad level which gives the defender little area to strike because he is running the passer or playing a run. Wants to chase the drama with a good motor looks and beautiful lateral movements. Good agility and agility, he is light on his feet and a smooth effortless player. The block rips off and the pursuit does a good job. With extra strength and improved tactics he has all the tools of your choice for an elite defensive lineman. When you see him play wide receiver it reveals to you how good you are as an overall athlete.

Wayne has a unique player that doesn’t just play offense and defense. But a skill position as a receiver that saw him make 18 catches 269 yards and 5 touchdowns. He had 44 tackles and 9 sacks on the defensive end. Once he is able to focus mainly on defense the sky is limited for him. His appointment has seen people from all power conferences and school favorites push him to be part of their program. Once he focuses only on the defense game his ceiling goes up. I can finally see all the skills and features for him to get an NFL career.

Wayne should provide a significant boost to Miami’s front seven. Although he won’t help in 2022, Pass Rush is a hurricane defense field that could use improvements. They were 54th nationally in sack rate last season and 50th in overall pressure rate. Although they were above the national average in both categories, programs that typically compete with themselves for college football playoff berths tend to be elite in the department.

Adding Wayne to the program is a step towards joining that category of hurricane defense.

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