Metaverse Platform Core is coming to iOS to celebrate its first anniversary

Core – the metaverse platform that allowed players to create their own worlds and games before the word “metaverse” came into vogue – will soon be celebrating its first anniversary, and developer Manticore Games is celebrating by announcing Core’s debut in a whole new arena: iOS.

iOS users who download the Core app when it launches this summer will have access to the full Core user experience, although the availability of certain experiences depends on the creators themselves. Manticore has announced that an iOS-focused creator suite – complete with design and optimization tools – will be available to creators starting today.

While the full user experience will come to iOS this summer, creators will still have to bring their visions to life using the PC platform. GameSpot was invited to a private demo of Core’s first anniversary celebration earlier this week, where Manticore Games CEO Frederic Descamps clarified that players will only be able to play games through iOS, there will have no in-app creation suite at launch.

“The act of creation is still PC-only,” Descamps said. “To be blunt, porting the authoring tools to mobile would be…well, if you think porting the player experience was herculean, the authoring suite would be a much bigger task.” He left the door open for the future, however, saying, “We might at some point, but for now we really want to focus on the mobile player experience. Honestly, that makes the most sense, because we haven’t had any requests. the community of creators to create on mobile; they’re all okay with both PC and Mac clients.”

One of Core’s new party portals, this one themed Texas Hold ‘Em.

The move to iOS isn’t the only new addition to Core coming to celebrate the first anniversary, as Manticore also announced a new Party Portals mechanic that’s launching today. Party Portals allow players to open a themed portal wherever they are, inviting players to join them in games of Texas Hold ‘Em, Game Show Trivia (a recreation of Family Feud), and more.

Core is a PC-based program where players can join for free and create their own section of the metaverse. Over 50,000 unique games and experiences have been created from scratch by the platform’s three million players, including Oberhasli and Axial Tilt from deadmau5, a world created in collaboration with Geoff Keighley where players could watch The Game Awards 2021 .

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