Master Chief infiltrates Among Us with a new Halo Crossover skin

Seems like almost every developer and studio is supporting the big live services push right now. Better than the NFT buzz that has gone pretty quiet lately, who saw this coming? However, keeping a live service game interesting and growing its player base is not easy. It takes endless dedicated work and a steady stream of hooks that will attract new players and keep the ones you already have online.

A key ingredient to achieving this is crossplay, and while no one can touch Fortnite in this regard, Among Us has a few to boast of. The Last Among Us crossover might be indie gaming’s biggest hit yet, as soon as you can don Master Chief’s armor as you traverse the ship completing tasks and trying to convince your rivals that you don’t. you’re not the impostor.


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Among Us announced that Master Chief will soon be known by sharing a screenshot of the new skin in action with what looks like 343 Guilty Spark. This prompted Xbox to have some fun responding to the tweet with its own screenshot which includes a green teammate. Xbox Game Pass, which Among Us is now available on, then responded to this tweet, adding its own teammate who appears to be the impostor in this situation.

The release date and price of the Among Us Halo skin hasn’t been revealed, but since it’s already been shown, it probably won’t be too long before it’s added to the in-game store. also seems likely that the skin will cost $1.99, like other special skins that have been added to Among Us in the past. Previous Among Us crossovers include League of Legends and Scream.

The team at InnerSloth will be glad Among Us is making headlines for much better reasons than over the weekend as Master Chief joins their ranks. The game’s servers were down due to DDoS attacks, an issue which appears to have been resolved. Full steam ahead and we can’t wait to dress our beans among us as Halo’s iconic protagonist in the very near future.

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