Massive Apex Legends leak reveals nine new characters

A massive Apex Legends leak has revealed nine new characters, new maps, weapons and more, including months if not years of future Apex content, Eurogamer reports. The leak was uploaded to the ApexUncovered subreddit from a disposable account and includes a folder containing 15 never-before-seen gameplay videos and a slew of text files detailing upcoming content.

The original upload has now been deleted, but the files continue to be shared on social media, with many users breaking down the details in the leak. The leak is perhaps the biggest in Apex history, revealing nine seasons of unannounced Legends in just one of 15 leaked videos.


Other leaked content includes two new arena maps, one nearing completion and another still early in the gray box phase, as well as a third new map called Divided Moon. New weapons and heirlooms have also appeared in the leaked videos, along with a new emote for Ash and another for the unreleased character Newcastle.

Respawn has yet to comment on the leak, although there is no doubt that the leaked videos are legit. The amount of content that appears to be lined up for the free live service game lends weight to recent comments from Respawn that it’s committed to updating Apex in the future. Apex Legends is currently in the middle of its 12th season, Defiance.

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