Marjorie Taylor Greene complains ‘evil’ media will be in courtroom for hearing that could see her lose her job

Republican U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene complained to former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis that the press would have access to the courtroom during a trial to find out if she was actually eligible or not to be on the ballot in the midterm elections.

A group of five voters from Ms. Greene’s district are suing the congresswoman, alleging she is ineligible to run for federal office under the 14th Amendment. The group claims she “willingly aided and engaged” in the Capitol riot insurgency, which should invalidate her ability to hold federal office under the 14th Amendment. This amendment was ratified after the Civil War to prevent Confederate officers and officials from holding public office in the United States.

“It’s absurd what they are claiming and lying about,” Ms Greene said. “They’re going to allow the press into the courtroom. They’re going to allow everything to be filmed live to go anywhere in the world they want. And you know what that’s going to be like – the Democrats and the bad media big public, you know, those who constantly lie about me anyway, well, they’re gonna be able to twist and turn, and cut off any little piece they want of the horrible things that these funded lawyers are doing trying to say about me.”

Lawyers can request that the public – including the press – be barred from a courtroom if they can present reasonable evidence to suggest that such access would interfere with a defendant’s right to a fair trial. Courtrooms are also closed during trials to protect minors or, in some cases, to protect the privacy of witnesses, jurors or victims.

Unfortunately for Ms Greene, a defendant trying to prevent the press from publishing critical information is not in itself a valid justification for closing a court.

Ms Greene attempted to stop the lawsuit by seeking an injunction and a temporary restraining order. However, Judge Amy Totenberg of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia denied his request. The judge said Ms Greene had failed to demonstrate that she had a substantial likelihood of succeeding in the case.

The group pursuing Ms Greene is represented by a group called Free Speech for People. That group also issued a similar challenge targeting Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorne, but a judge blocked that lawsuit from proceeding.

If Mrs. Greene is found to have violated the 14th Amendment, her name will either be struck from the ballot or – if the ballots are already printed – voters will be notified that she is disqualified and any voters for her will be rejected.

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