Maher says Democrats have become the party of ‘no sense’

HBO host Bill Maher said Democrats have become the party of “no common sense” during an appearance Tuesday on an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

Maher said the criticized American public was seeking common sense following the left’s call to abolish the police, claims men can get pregnant and supports looting.

“We’re both considered common sense people and that’s what we crave. I think in America, more than anything, it’s common sense,” Maher said. When people tell me ‘Don’t you think you’ve become more conservative?’ No, I haven’t. The left has gotten clumsier. So I look more conservative, maybe, but it’s not me who’s changed. I always tell Democrats “don’t be not the no-nonsense party.” And you’ll be surprised at all the incredible success you’ll have versus what’s going to happen, which is they’re going to get their ass kicked in November.

Rogan said Maher represents what it means to be a liberal given that he is a “normal person” who believes in equal rights, but has become rare in today’s society. He said Maher had the “courage” to speak his mind on national television.

Maher said late-night television was apolitical, but must now “bend to liberal audiences.” (RELATED: ‘Stop being cocky’: Bill Maher argues liberal media got ‘much wrong’ on COVID)

“Now you couldn’t survive, apparently, on late night television unless you were political,” Maher continued. “Unless the public knows exactly, and I would also put Saturday Night Live in there, I think Elon Musk took them to task. He said it no longer felt like a show about comedy, but more about declaring a woke doctrine.

Maher has recently been highly critical of the left and the Democratic Party. He told Daily Wire editor emeritus Ben Shapiro in March that his politics had not changed, but rather the left.

“I haven’t changed at all. My policy hasn’t changed, they have changed,” Maher said. “People sometimes say to me, ‘Have you changed?’ No, it’s just that five years ago nobody was talking about defunding the police, I had never heard that phrase five years ago. It’s not me who changes, it’s the things that change. I react as I always have.

“Letting three-year-olds decide their gender wasn’t something five years ago,” he said. “Free speech, you know, used to be a leftist thing that we were proud of and had, and now it seems to be under attack.”

He then warned that California’s high regulations would cause residents to leave the state in large numbers and that he would “hang Democrats” during a March 22 interview on the “Adam Carolla Show.”

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