Lost Ark Community Manager Asks for Civility Following Continued Community Backlash

After months seemingly filled with back-to-back hot topics within the Lost Ark community, one of the community managers on the official forums has posted a lengthy message asking for more civility from the community when talking. is to express their feedback on the game.

It should be noted that this follows a recent update which brought the Glaivier, as well as a new region for players to explore, but which has its own issues regarding a free express pass as well as lingering issues with bots. alongside other ongoing issues.

All of this has led to an environment on the official forums, as well as other popular hubs for the game, including the subreddit, filled with scathing opinions towards community managers working on the game. , community moderator Shadow_Fox writes, “CMs are human. We have human feelings. We also have human schedules. Most of us are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Some of us, like me, are weekends and nights. We take sick days. And vacations. We have days and holidays.

“We share information that is authorized to us (as with any relationship between a company and CM) and if we don’t, it’s not a deeper meaning or a big secret, we just don’t have those information at that time. YES, we make mistakes. YES, things change. This is not a personal vendetta against the players.

The post goes on to explain that the team continues to learn and adapt to current issues, and player complaints are not being ignored. They also go to great lengths to describe the community manager’s role as “a bridge between the community and the brands” before asking users not to direct their hatred or frustration towards those in that position.

“I’m not asking for a high five, just…please be nice when you can.” To the CMs, to each other. This makes collecting feedback much more enjoyable AND your feedback no longer has an impact when you’re being mean to them. Promise.”

Whether those unhappy with the current state of Lost Ark will take this plea to heart remains to be seen. Obviously, throwing anger on the internet at those not involved in the issues that caused this frustration in the first place is a mistake. There’s no point in shooting the messengers! Here’s hoping the situation improves over time as work on the MMO continues.

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