Liverpool: Hundreds of fans are welcoming Bangkok to the squad

Liverpool: Hundreds of fans are welcoming Bangkok to the squad

Liverpool press conference at Bangkok airport
There was a chaotic scene at Liverpool’s press conference on Sunday

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp could not resist a comparison as he tried to welcome a generally enthusiastic Thai.

“Was that what happened when Manchester United came yesterday?” He asked.

There is something unique about the reception that England’s biggest club receives when they go to the Far East.

Some waited more than six hours for Liverpool to arrive. Two hours before their flight landed, hundreds were waiting outside Bangkok airport.

Liverpool landed in Thailand on Sunday, a day after Premier League rivals Manchester United. Both teams will play each other on Tuesday before the tour of Australia for more pre-season matches.

When Klopp and his players were ready to leave the airport and drive to town, there were more than a thousand fans present.

Some were 50 yards away and probably didn’t even get a glimpse of their heroes, as it took about three steps to get from the VIP room to the team bus.

Others stood in central reservations to remove Liverpool, with voices coming from the main body of supporters as they left.

Half an hour ago, Klopp led his players to pay their respects at the traditional reception of their Thai hosts.

If it was tidy, the scene soon became chaotic as a press conference table was set up, with three seats – for Klopp, captain Jordan Henderson and co-captain James Milner.

Obstacles to being behind the media were ignored and officials tried in vain to make room for orderly questioning. They had no chance, when Klopp asked to compare with Manchester United.

“I’ve never been to a press conference like this,” he said with the ball in hand.

“Thank you for the really warm welcome. This is my second time in Thailand, the first was an hour on the way to Sydney. Hopefully this time I’ll have time to spend in the city.”

Milner spoke of the ‘strength’ of the fans, while Klopp explained that there is no such thing as a friendship between Liverpool and United.

If today’s events are any direction, then there should be a turbulent atmosphere at Rajamangala Stadium on Tuesday.

Manchester United supporters greet Tim Bus at Bangkok Airport
There was also a huge crowd at the Bangkok airport on Saturday for the arrival of Manchester United.

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