Lightsabers look set to return to Fortnite in time for Star Wars Day

Lightsabers are set to return to Fortnite just in time for Star Wars Day on May 4.

Back when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was released, Fortnite partnered with Disney to bring a range of skins, gliders, and items to the game. the plot, no problem. Among these items were lightsabers, mythic tier melee weapons that could be found across the map and came in four variants, Rey, Luke, Kylo Ren, and Mace Windu.

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After that Star Wars crossover ended, Epic skipped the lightsabers and only released them once a year later to celebrate Star Wars Day in 2020. It looks like it’s about to happen again, du less according to several Fortnite insiders. Reliable Fortnite leak and Hypex source shared an image of the lightsabers on Twitter yesterday and said, “It’s almost confirmed now that lightsabers will return in the next update on May 4, as Epic is working on a challenge that requires you to deal damage with a lightsaber.”


Challenges are one of the most reliable ways to find Fortnite information before Epic releases it, as dataminers can find references to game modes, items, and map changes through them before the release. posting updates. This is how we found out about the return of Tilted Towers before it was announced.

This isn’t the only evidence that lightsabers are returning to Fortnite, though. Hypex also tweeted, “Lightsabers chests have also been updated!”, which refers to the unique chests that held lightsabers when they were introduced. If you missed the first Star Wars event, think of it as the Spider-Man backpacks that could be found on the map recently that contained Spider-Man’s web shooters.

Current speculation regarding when we can expect to see lightsabers is May 3, as it’s a Tuesday, the day most Fortnite updates drop. That means they’ll be available in-game just in time for Star Wars Day on May 4.

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