League Of Legends MMO ‘Will Respect Player’s Time’ Says Producer

Riot Games’ ongoing MMORPG set in the Runeterra world of League of Legends is still many years away, but when it does arrive, the developers want it to respect players’ time.

Executive producer Greg Street recently took Twitter to ask fans what they didn’t want to see in Riot’s MMO, to which many fans responded with comments about how long it takes to play the game. Many fans hoped Riot’s MMO wouldn’t increase “artificially” the time players needed to play in order to fully enjoy the experience.

Street responded with a long Twitter feed dive into the mindset of the development team regarding how much time they think the game should require from players, and the pros and cons of having too much or too little content.

According to Street, the team doesn’t want the League of Legends MMO to be the only game players have time for, saying players should be able to play other live service games, or catch up at television, read a book or do anything. otherwise they love without having the impression of missing out. The team ultimately wants to respect the players’ time.

However, Street says players feeling a slight need to play for fear of falling behind are “probably healthy.” He cites his raiding experience in other MMOs as an example. Even when he wasn’t enthusiastic about raiding, he still showed up and helped his friends, which also furthered his guild’s collective goals.

The real problem, according to Street, is when players get bored. It’s a difficult balance to achieve, as a game with too much required content will force progression-oriented players to play even more. Meanwhile, having a large amount of optional content would render most in-game content useless, as there is no need to progress. Ultimately, Street says the Riot MMO will likely fall on the side of “not having enough to do” rather than having too much. The intention is that the game does not feel like work and is not designed to be played for four “hours every day without fail”.

That’s not to say the game won’t be great, Street clarifies. Street says the Riot MMO is “very big”, which is why players are going to have to wait so long to see it.

This isn’t the first time Street has discussed details about Riot’s MMO via Twitter. Some of his earlier comments include that there’s “no guarantee” the game will even release, and if it does, it won’t be for everyone.

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