League Of Legends Coach ‘Literally Asked Everyone For Money’

Esports group Team SoloMid has just fired its League of Legends coach, Zhang Yi, over allegations of “conflict of interest and unethical practices”. Zhang Yi, also known as Peter, had a long career in esports, working with Team Liquid, Echo Fox and LMQ before joining Team SoloMid over a year ago.

“We have recently been made aware of very serious allegations of conflict of interest and unethical practices against League of Legends Coach Peter Zhang,” the SoloMid team said in a statement. “After an initial investigation, we have terminated him with immediate effect. We are working with external legal counsel to complete a full investigation.”


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The SoloMid team didn’t give any specific details about the allegations, but Zhang Yi’s colleagues told all kinds of startling stories. Yiliang Peng, for example, claims that Zhang Yi “asked me to lend him $70,000. He said his grandmother had cancer and was dying in hospital. He has to pay the hospital bill, which is $70,000, and he doesn’t have the money yet, but he will have the money at the end of the month and then he will reimburse me.” Yiliang Peng spent most of his career as a League of Legends player with Team SoloMid before leaving the group in November 2021.

Yiliang Peng pointed out that Zhang Yi frequently asked his teammates for money. “Without naming names, this guy literally asked everyone for money. And the story was different every time,” Yiliang Peng remarked. “So he told me he needed $70,000. He told someone else he needed $200,000. He told someone else that he only needed $10,000 For me he told me his grandma needed an operation For someone else he told them his grandma needed stem cell therapy. For someone else he said medicine.


Speculation within the esports community pointed to match-fixing and betting as the reason for Zhang Yi’s sudden departure from the SoloMid team. League of Legends Esports Commissioner Jackie Felling was quick to deny this, however. “Nothing to do with match-fixing,” the executive said. “It’s an internal team matter. I’m not making any statements from Riot, but I don’t want people to think it has anything to do with match-fixing or betting. Which isn’t not the case.”

Zhang Yi remained silent on the reasons for his dismissal from the SoloMid team, stating that “I will not post or comment on this news. It has nothing to do with match-fixing in the game. It is a lesson very difficult for me.” Zhang Yi, however, said in an interview with Dextero that he had run into financial difficulties, leading him to keep the money from the sale of a car that once belonged to a player named Hu Shuo-Chieh. “I agree that keeping the money was wrong, but I worked to pay off this debt and paid half of it before I was fired,” Zhang Yi remarked. “My grandmother’s bill was due at the end of this month so I couldn’t pay both debts.”

Allegations against the coach have been consistently denied by Zhang Yi and legal proceedings are currently pending. It is unclear whether or not Riot plans to get involved in the case.

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