Lamar Jackson tweets ‘I love my crows’, rips ‘fake narrative’ about wanting to leave Baltimore

The Baltimore Ravens don’t seem close to signing star quarterback Lamar Jackson to a long-term contract, but the former NFL MVP wants to make it clear he has no desire to leave Maryland .

“I love my Ravens, I don’t know who the hell posted this fake story that I’m thinking of leaving, stop trying to read my mind🙄,” Jackson wrote Wednesday on Twitter.

It’s unclear exactly what Jackson is responding to, but his comments came a day after Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti discussed the status of the QB’s contract negotiations.

Bisciotti told reporters at the NFL League’s annual meeting on Tuesday that Jackson’s lack of urgency to secure a long-term contract is “unique as hell because everyone expects you were saying, “I gotta get mine now,” according to

The owner hinted at the idea that Jackson could go the Kirk Cousins ​​route, play the final year of his contract, then force the Ravens to use back-to-back franchise tags on the QB before making his way to the agency free.

“But it’s like, (GM) Eric (DeCosta) can’t keep calling him and saying, ‘Hey Lamar, you really need to come in here and do this thing.’ It’s not the job of a general manager,” Bisciotti said. “Kirk Cousins ​​did it that way. What if Lamar said that? I’ll play fifth grade, I’ll play on the franchise, I’ll play on another franchise and then you can sign me.

“And that gives me three years to win the Super Bowl so you can make me a $60 million quarterback, because that’s where it’s going to be in four years. That might be it, But I’m not talking to Lamar. That’s not my role. I don’t know the answer.

Biscotti didn’t insinuate that Jackson was trying to escape Baltimore, but instead suggested that the dynamic QB’s motivations were more psychological.

“The kid is so obsessed with winning a Super Bowl, that I think deep down he doesn’t think he’s worth it,” Bisciotti said. “I think he wants it to say, ‘Now I deserve to be on top.’ People can speculate all they want. I don’t think he’s that excited about the money and he knows it’s going one way or the other.”

Whatever the reason for the lack of a long-term deal, Bisciotti said he doesn’t expect a new contract to be agreed before the season unless Jackson “changes his mind”. .

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