Koei Tecmo becomes latest Japanese publisher to raise worker wages

Koei Tecmo is following its main competitors in the Japanese market by raising base salaries for its nearly 2,000 workers. The company will give its employees a 23% salary increase according to a recently published press release. This follows its main competitors, Capcom and Bandai Namco, which made similar announcements earlier this year.

Thanks to this decision, workers will earn about $539 more per month on average. Koei Tecmo also noted that newly hired graduates will take home an additional $436, bringing their starting salary to a total of around $2,260. In addition to raising base salaries for its workers, the company also plans to introduce a new performance-based bonus system.


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This follows news that Koei Tecmo performed “favourably” last year and expects to meet or exceed its profitability targets going forward. While the wage increase will be introduced in June, workers will be paid retroactively from April.

“We are implementing these measures to reward our employees for their efforts and create a better working environment for their future growth,” Koei Tecmo said. “Based on the belief that human resources are the group’s most important asset, we have long been working on measures to improve the job satisfaction of our employees.

Koei Tecmo said it wanted to “improve the motivation” of its workers. “The ratio of base salary to annual salary will be significantly increased for regular employees of national group companies, and the starting salary for new graduates will be significantly increased,” the company said. “We decided to increase the number of employees and pay special bonuses.

Capcom and Bandai Namco have just increased their employees’ base salaries by up to 30%. While the first announced its intention to establish a “relationship of trust with employees and stakeholders”, the second took the measure in order to “increase the autonomy and creativity of employees”.

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