Kingsman almost got a trailer that included all six James Bond actors

Spy comedy Kingsman: The Secret Service has nearly reunited all six James Bond actors for a trailer that would see them hand over to the new spy series.

During an interview with The James Bond AZ Podcast, creator Mark Millar revealed that Kingsman almost had a trailer featuring all six 007s, and it only fell apart because of the very first one.

“Matthew Vaughan who directed Kingsman had this really cool idea, when Sean Connery was still alive and Roger Moore was still alive,” he said. “His idea was to do a promotional teaser for Kingsman where you had all the previous Bonds together, all toasting around the table. [They’d be] talk about a new generation of spies. They had this really cool little idea.

It’s clearly the kind of concept you only dream of putting together, but Millar revealed that they’re actually much closer to making this teaser than they ever thought possible.

“We actually had a connection with everyone,” he said. “We had like Roger Moore, who was good friends with someone Matthew knew, I can’t remember who it was. Colin Firth was friends with [Pierce Brosnan]and Matthew knew Daniel Craig for Layer Cake, and someone knew [George] Lazenby. We had them all. And I think we got a kind of tentative ‘yes’, according to Matthew, I don’t know if that’s true, but we got a tentative ‘yes’ from everybody and we tried to get Connery, and [Matthew] I tried to get Connery, because I was Scottish!

Turns out Millar and Connery did having a mutual friend…

“Although I don’t know him, I called my mutual friend and he phoned ahead, but Connery was quite ill at the time, and we were told ‘this just can’t happen’ And I said, ‘Why not just do what they did in the 1960s and just get Neil Connery, his brother, and use him if we can?’

Sadly, Neil passed away just seven months after Sean Connery.

“But that would have been so cool,” Millar said. “It would have been great to see these guys stick together in real life.”

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Much like the recent real-life Spider-Man meme, this would have been a real moment for fans, and Millar doesn’t think it would have been too much work to pull together.

“You could have filmed it in an hour,” he explained. “You could have had them standing around a table, and the idea was that you have this Kingsman whiskey that they toast, and then the camera pans around and you see Colin [Firth] or Taro [Egerton]I can’t remember who it was going to be, and it was just the next generation of super spies.

“And that would have really pissed [Bond producers] broccoli !

It sure would have been an incredible tease for Kingsman. Of course, not putting the teaser together hasn’t hurt the series, and the Kingsman franchise could get even bigger with more films planned by Matthew Vaughan.

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