Kasturi thinks about Mars and Earth – but is silent on the Twitter deal Elon Musk

Elon Musk spoke about the colonization of Mars and raising the birth rate on Earth during his keynote address at Allen & Co’s Sun Valley Conference on Saturday, but he avoided discussing his attempt to withdraw from his $ 44 billion bid to buy Twitter.

After Tesla boss lawyers filed a notice Friday that he was closing his bid for a Twitter acquisition, Musk spoke to close this year’s edition of the Idaho conference that attracted annual technology, media and finance gurus. The billionaire has accused the social media firm of failing to provide bot account information, among other things, leaving observers wondering if he would address such allegations in a speech scheduled for the next day.

But Mask – who is also the head of the private rocket company SpaceX – refused to do so. Instead, he pondered how he viewed Mars as “civilian life insurance” if a disaster ever wiped out the earth, Bloomberg reported, citing multiple people’s memoirs in a closed-door speech.

The Mars comment echoed one of his tweets earlier this year that humans could land on the planet by 2029.

Reuters, who spoke to attendees, wrote that Mask expressed concern about declining birth rates in rich countries. And, Bloomberg added, he also reiterated allegations about how Twitter banned Donald Trump after supporters of the former president launched a deadly attack on the U.S. capital in early January 2021.

It was not immediately clear whether Musk was aware that Trump called him a “bullshit artist” on Saturday while stamping for Republican political candidates in Alaska.

Trump was insulted after a mask last month for thinking he would throw his support behind Florida Gov. Ron Desantis instead of Trump as the Republican opponent of Democrats Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is reported to have delivered the speech on Saturday.

After informing the public about the intent to withdraw from buying Twitter, Mask could stay for a long legal battle.

Twitter chairperson Brett Taylor said the social media platform could sue Musk in a Delaware court to enforce a purchase agreement with the world’s richest man. The deal contains a provision that could force Musk to buy Twitter unless it has financing, which the businessman said he did in May.

Musk could also be fined $ 1 billion if he leaves the deal, although he is trying to avoid fines by alleging that Twitter violated “multiple provisions” in his sales contract.

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