Jury convicts former police officer Thomas Robertson on 6 counts related to Jan. 6

Washington – A Washington, D.C. jury on Monday found former Rocky Mount, Va. police officer Thomas Robertson guilty on six counts related to his involvement in the January 6, 20201, attack on the Capitolincluding obstructing law enforcement, disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon, and obstructing Congressional certification of Electoral College votes.

After nearly two days of deliberations, Robertson’s sentencing handed victory to a Justice Department investigation recently stalled by back-to-back partial or partial attacks. complete acquittals for offenses trial of January 6.

Robertson, who likely faces up to 20 years in prison, was initially released on remand but was later detained after the government said he allegedly had “a loaded M4 rifle and a partially assembled pipe bomb home, and purchasing an arsenal of 34 guns online and transporting them in interstate commerce.”

Robertson was charged in the days following the fatal Capitol breach along with his former co-defendant and fellow officer, Jacob Fracker, who later pleaded guilty to multiple charges and testified against Robertson at his trial. The two men were fired last year from their law enforcement positions following their alleged presence in the crowd.

They were accused of traveling from Virginia to Washington, DC, ahead of former President Trump’s ‘Save America’ rally, where the couple and another man walked to the Capitol building donning masks gas.

sergeant. Thomas Robertson, right, and Officer Jacob Fracker, left, posted this photo of themselves inside the US Capitol during the Jan. 6 riots on social media.

US Attorney’s Office for DC

Prosecutors said the two off-duty officers turned rioters broke up in the crowd, with Robertson allegedly obstructing law enforcement with a baton as he made his way inside the Capitol building. He and Fracker eventually reunited in the crypt, according to the government.

After the riot, the government told the jury, Robertson allegedly “declared that the next American Civil War may have begun.”

Prosecutors relied on a manual of evidence and testimony similar to that used in the trial of the accused of January 6 now convicted, Guy Reffitt: Show jurors surveillance and body-worn camera video of the January 6 danger and disturbances, then describe how the defendant allegedly played a role in committing the crimes charged.

But unlike Robertson, Reffitt was not charged with entering the Capitol building.

Capitol Police and Washington, DC, officers described at trial what happened on Jan. 6. One explained that law enforcement was forced into ‘hand-to-hand’ combat with rioters, although he never specifically named Robertson as one of them. of these. . And then Fracker himself testified against his former partner.

The defense urged jurors to focus not on Robertson’s words before and after the riot, but on his specific actions that day. They argued that the stick he was accused of impeding officers with was actually intended to help him walk, and they said he entered the Capitol not to obstruct Congress, but to s ensure that Fracker was safe.

Robertson, “entered, recovered and left” the Capitol, the defense argued.

But jurors ultimately ruled that evidence presented at trial proved otherwise, seeking clarification during deliberations over the definition of “lethal or dangerous weapon” and what “obstruction” means.

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