Johnny Depp’s friend insists the actor and his wife were a ‘loving’ couple as he is grilled over bruises on Amber Heard’s face

A friend of Johnny Depp testified on day three of the libel trial between Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Isaac Baruch was called to testify on Wednesday, April 13 in Fairfax, Virginia. He spoke after the end of cross-examination of Mr. Depp’s sister, Christi Dembrowski.

Mr Baruch said he first met Mr Depp when they were both teenagers in Florida, playing in bands. He testified for a few hours, giving colorful testimony that sometimes drew smiles and laughter from others in the courthouse – including Mr Depp and Ms Heard themselves.

Mr Baruch told the court that Mr Depp supported him materially as he tried to build a career as a visual artist, arranging for him to live in the Eastern Columbia Building, an Art decoration in Los Angeles.

Mr. Baruch testified that while living in the building he had some familiarity with Mr. Depp’s personal circle, including Ms. Heard.

Asked to describe the relationship between Mr Depp and Ms Heard, Mr Baruch told the court: ‘They have always been in love with each other. They treated each other like gold. You know – kissing and ‘What can I get you?’ kind of thing. Just be nice to each other. Always a romantic situation.

When asked if he got along with Heard, Mr Baruch smiled and said: ‘I loved him. I fell in love with her like Johnny fell in love with her. I fell in love with her. She is totally respectful, gracious towards me. She has great teeth. She treated me with total respect. … Humor-wise, total locker room humor. Crazy humor. Totally laughed at the jokes, made jokes, totally got along with her. Every time I walked into their house, ‘Isaac, do you want something to eat? Isaac, do you want something to drink?’ »

There’s only been one time Ms Heard hasn’t extended such an offer, he said, adding: ‘I walked in and she’s in the kitchen at the counter and she’s doing a face mask of beauty, so she can’t afford it to me. And I go, ‘Hey, is this something that can help me?’ And she looks at me, and she says, ‘No.’ And I laugh, and she laughed afterwards, because she didn’t realize she was making a joke. Yeah, I loved him.

Ms. Heard smiled at that last part of Mr. Baruch’s recollection.

A significant part of Mr Baruch’s testimony focused on whether or not he saw bruising on Ms Heard’s face after an incident of alleged abuse by Mr Depp.

Mr Baruch said he did not see any bruises or marks on Ms Heard’s face afterwards and it did not appear to him that she was wearing makeup at the time.

Ms. Heard’s lawyer, during cross-examination, questioned Mr. Baruch’s knowledge of cosmetics, asking him if he knew what products Ms. Heard used and if he knew if she wore any specific products such as concealer or foundation when he saw it. Mr. Baruch answered these questions in the negative.

Asked if he knew if Mr Depp had ever committed domestic violence against Ms Heard, Mr Baruch said: ‘I never witnessed – I never saw or witnessed anything type of assertion whatsoever. Already.”

Mr Depp alleged Ms Heard defamed him in a 2018 op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post, in which she introduces herself as “a public figure representing domestic violence”. Ms Heard counter-sued Mr Depp, accusing him of orchestrating a ‘smear campaign’ against her and describing her own lawsuit as a continuation of ‘abuse and harassment’.

The defamation trial is expected to last six weeks.

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