John Hinckley Jr, who attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan, will perform a sold-out concert in Brooklyn

John Hinckley Jr, the man who attempted to assassinate former President Ronald Reagan in 1981, will give a concert in New York this summer.

Hinckley, 66, announced his show on Saturday, tweeting that he was “very excited” to perform.

The show will take place on July 8 at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn. Hinckley also said the $20 tickets for her show were sold out.

The hall where he will perform can accommodate 450 people, but it is not known how many tickets were actually sold.

Hinckley spent 35 years in a mental institution after attempting to kill Mr. Reagan as he left the Hilton Hotel in Washington DC. During this time, he was diagnosed with narcissistic and schizoid personality disorders.

John Hinkley Jr, the man who attempted to assassinate former President Ronald Reagan, sings a song on his YouTube channel. He will play a sold-out show in Brooklyn


Prior to the assassination, Hinckley became obsessed with actor Jodie Foster after seeing her in the film Taxi driver. Robert De Niro portrays a troubled Travis Bickle in the film who, obsessed with protecting Iris Steensma from Jodie Foster from muggers, goes on a gunfight. He also plans to assassinate a fictional US senator who employs a woman he was stalking.

Hinckley claimed at the time that he shot Mr Reagan in an effort to impress Foster.

In 2020, Hinckley was cleared to begin producing music under his own name. Since then, he has used streaming sites and video platforms like YouTube to share his music, which is mostly made up of covers of love songs. Eventually, he hopes to release his own songs into a full album.

Secret Service agents pounce on John Hinckley Jnr as Press Secretary James Brady, Patroller Thomas Delahanty and Secret Service Agent Timothy Mccarty lie injured on the ground


In September 2021, Hinckley was granted an absolute discharge, freeing him from various court-ordered restrictions and allowing him to move about unsupervised. One such restriction prevented him from traveling to areas where current or former presidents or members of Congress lived or visited.

Reaction to Mr Hinckley’s release has been mixed. Former President Donald Trump, who was in office when Mr Hinckley was initially released, opposed the decision and said the man should remain hospitalized.

Mr. Reagan’s daughter, Patti Davis, 68, also opposed his unconditional release. She wrote an editorial in The Washington Post claiming Hinckley felt no remorse for shooting his father and wounding three other men in his assassination attempt. She claimed that she would now live in fear that Hinckley would try to contact her.

In the United States, so-called “Son of Sam” laws prohibit criminals from profiting from media created about their crimes. However, in 2019, Hinckley’s lawyer argued that a civil settlement he agreed to in 1995 should not prevent him from selling his art, which includes books and paintings, none of which discusses his crime.

“Nobody can see my art. I have these other aspects of my life that nobody knows about…I’m a musician. Nobody knows. They just see me as the guy who tried to kill Reagan,” Hinckley said. . at the time. “I create things that I find good and like any other artist, I would like to benefit from it and contribute more to my family. I feel like I could help my mother and my brother if I could earn some money. money through my art.”

The assassination attempt, on March 30, 1981, saw the newly sworn-in Republican president shot through in the chest. Police officer Thomas Delahanty and Secret Service agent Timothy McCarthy were also injured, as was Reagan’s press secretary James Brady, who was shot in the head and left paralyzed on the left side of his body.

When Brady died in 2014, his death was ruled a homicide following the gunshot wound he sustained. However, Hinckley did not face any charges as he had already been cleared to plead guilty on account of insanity. The White House press briefing room is named in Brady’s honor.

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