Joe Biden will drop Title 42 from Border Protection

President Joe Biden’s aides should abandon the Title 42 border barrier that helps border officials regulate the influx of economic migrants, according to the Associated Press.

The press service reported on March 30:

The Biden administration should end asylum limits at the U.S.-Mexico border by May 23 that were put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, according to people familiar with the matter.

But the decision is not final and would be challenged by some Democrats, the AP noted:

Senses Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema, both Democrats from Arizona, sided with Republican leaders to say Title 42 should stay until US border officials are prepared for a surge in newcomers .

Kelly’s opinion matters to Democrats as he faces an election in November for an equally divided Senate seat.

The barrier was lifted by President Donald Trump’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) during the first wave of coronavirus. In practice, Biden has the political power to order the CDC to keep the barrier operating — unless judges intervene.

The CDC barrier will expire on May 23 unless extended.

As usual, AP college reporters favorably present the views of migration advocates and ignore the economic damage to the labor and housing markets of less-educated Americans.

The flood of migrant labor and renters backed by the elite for decades created a cheap labor bubble that boosted Wall Street by impoverishing several million Americans, including nearly 20 million of American men who have been forced out of the workforce.

For example, CNBC reported on March 30:

About 20% of employees regularly run out of money between paychecks, up from 15% last year, according to a survey of more than 3,000 working adults in February.

As a result, around a quarter of respondents said it is more difficult to pay necessary expenses and a third are unable to build up savings, issues that are particularly problematic for low-to-middle income workers.

The Title 42 barrier run by the CDC allows Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas to regulate the influx of cross-border migrants to a level that doesn’t burst onto the evening news. Mayorkas regulates the influx to around 150,000 a month, including around 50,000 migrants who cross the border on the sly.

Mayorkas is not trying to stop economic migration, but he is trying to channel it through progressive agencies and nonprofit organizations.

DHS officials told privileged reporters this week that the influx of migrants would likely triple once the barrier is lifted.

“Homeland Security officials outlined contingency plans on Tuesday to handle up to 18,000 border encounters per day, regardless of cause,” the report said. New York Times.

This influx would total more than 500,000 people per month – more migrants than American births in a month.

The flooding would compound other economic damage caused by the influx of an estimated 1 million legal immigrants and possibly 400,000 new visas into Americans’ jobs and homes.

The predicted flooding was encouraged by pro-migration mayorkas and MPs, who quickly ended border protections established by former President Donald Trump in early 2021.

Those deputies also reduced the use of Trump-imposed Title 42 disease-related rejections at the border, minimized deportations of illegals, and accelerated the influx of legal immigrants and visas.

It is unclear whether the administration is willing to stop the mass migration. Mayorkas is a Cuban immigrant and migration fanatic who argues that the United States is and should always be a “nation of immigrants”.

A 2012 survey by Gallup showed that more than 150 million people worldwide want to migrate to the United States.

But some of Biden’s officials are now alarmed by the public reaction to their refusal to defend the US border: “Democrats don’t want the southwestern border to appear out of control in the months leading up to the midterm elections. , which would fuel more Republican attacks on the Biden administration’s border policies,” New York Times noted.

The influx has “shaken some Democrats who worry it’s too soon to revert to pre-pandemic immigration rules at the border,” the Washington Post said.

In 2014, a rush of migrants at the border shook public confidence in the border policies established by President Barack Obama. Those 2014 poll numbers derailed Obama’s hopes for a massive amnesty and encouraged a New York television personality to run for president.

In September 2021, Biden’s polls were badly damaged by television coverage of the invasion by an estimated 30,000 migrants in Del Rio, Texas.

A heated rehearsal of mass migration in the 2022 election year could help Americans recognize their shared opposition to labor migration.

This public opposition is revealed in the polls, but it is suppressed by claims by investor-funded progressives that the United States is a “nation of immigrants.”

Opposition is also masked by the corporate-owned establishment media, which rarely portrays the scale of migration or public hostility to labor migration.

The U.S. population of legal immigrants and illegal migrants reached 46.6 million in January, up about 1.6 million since Biden’s inauguration, according to federal data released by the Center for Immigration Studies.

Since at least 1990, the DC establishment has used a wide variety of excuses and explanations – for example, “Immigrant Nation” – to justify its policy of extracting tens of millions of migrants and laborers from visas from poor countries to serve as workers, consumers, and tenants for various American investors and CEOs.

The self-interested economic strategy of extractive migration has no stopping point. It is harmful to ordinary Americans because it reduces their career opportunities, cuts their wages and salaries, increases their housing costs, and has driven at least 10 million American men out of the labor force.

Extractive migration also distorts the economy, stifles American productivity, reduces the political clout of voters, undermines employee rights in the workplace, and widens regional wealth gaps between Democrats’ coastal states and Republican Heartland States.

An economy based on extractive migration also radicalizes the democratic and compromise-promoting civic culture of Americans, as it allows wealthy elites to ignore desperate Americans at home. low of the society.

The economic strategy also kills many migrants, divides foreign families and extracts wealth from poor countries of origin.

Unsurprisingly, the wealth extraction migration policy is wildly unpopular, according to a wide variety of polls. Polls show deep and broad public opposition to labor migration and the influx of temporary workers into jobs sought by young American college graduates.

The opposition is growing, protesting, multiracial, heterosexual, non-racist, class, bipartisan, rationalpersevering, and recognizes the solidarity that Americans owe to each other.

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