Joe Biden calls India’s response to Ukraine conflict ‘fragile’

India’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is “somewhat fragile”, US President Joe Biden said on Monday.

In response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression, the United States and many of its allies have “presented a united front across NATO and the Pacific,” Biden said while addressing leaders at the of a business forum.

He added: “The Quad is – with the possible exception of India who are somewhat fragile on some of them… But Japan have been extremely strong, as have Australia in terms of dealing with Putin’s aggression.”

The Quad, or Quadrilateral, coalition includes India, Japan, the United States and Australia. They had discussed the war in Ukraine during a virtual summit on March 3, just days after the war began.

Russia’s invasion of its neighbor, now on the 27th day, has so far resulted in the deaths of more than 900 Ukrainian civilians, according to UN agencies.

The United States, Japan and Australia moved quickly to register their dissent against the Russian invasion and imposed multiple harsh sanctions on Moscow and its businessmen in an effort to weaken the economic strength of M Putin in the midst of the ongoing war.

However, India not only refused to deploy the sanctions or condemn Russia’s military offensive in a sovereign country, but also abstained from voting on a United Nations Security Council resolution led by the United States that deplored Russian aggression in the strongest terms.

This map shows the extent of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

(Images from the Press Association)

India simply asked for restraint from both sides – Russia and Ukraine – amid the simmering conflict.

Additionally, in a bid to help Russia deal with deteriorating economic conditions under sanctions, an administration official Narendra Modi has confirmed that India will increase its imports of Russian oil at a reduced rate. .

The official confirmed that India had sealed the latest purchase of three million barrels of Russian crude oil. Experts and Indian government officials have cited similar gas purchases by European countries.

The ongoing siege in Ukraine has proven to be a litmus test for Delhi’s balance between Moscow, its biggest ammunition supplier, and Washington, its Western backer against Asian rival Beijing.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki, when asked about the United States’ operation with India, said, “We stay in touch through multiple channels.”

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