Jamie Carragher names the worst running club in the Premier League and all of Europe

When the subject of Everton came up, former Liverpool defender Carragher didn’t hesitate in his blunt but honest analysis.

He said: “I think Everton are the worst run club in the country, probably one of the worst in Europe. They have to be. And it’s not just because they’ve spent a lot of money. money and it didn’t work out – it happened before.

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“Some of the things that Everton do, it’s unbelievable.”

Everton signed three players in the first weeks of January when they were managed by Rafael Benitez.

Full-back duo Nathan Patterson and Vitaliy Mykolenko arrived on permanent deals, while Anwar El Ghazi was loaned out by Aston Villa with Lucas Digne moving in the opposite direction.

Carragher continued: “When you think about what they did in January – bring in two full-backs and then sack the manager a week later.

Dele Alli and Anwar El Ghazi arrive for Everton against Newcastle in February.  (Image credit: Alamy)
Dele Alli and Anwar El Ghazi arrive for Everton against Newcastle in February. (Image credit: Alamy)

“Bringing [Anwar] El Ghazi in – what was it about? They brought in El Ghazi from Aston Villa. A winger. Benitez lent it. I don’t even know why.

“That’s why they’ve had five or six managers. I think any manager who goes to any football club thinks he’s the guy to turn things around. That’s why I fear for Frank [Lampard] a bit, because Everton Football Club is not somewhere you would want to go as a manager. There’s so much going on around you, it’s an absolute mess.

“The owner doesn’t have a clue, does he? You obviously have the [Alisher] Usmanov thing right now. But as far as these players, I said a few weeks ago, they are a disgrace.”

Everton currently sit 17th in the Premier League table and are three points above the relegation zone.

They are one of the founding members of the Football League and have only missed four top-flight seasons in their entire history.

Chatting with an Everton fan in the studio, Carragher admitted: “I think if Everton lose to Burnley you’ll go down.”

Everton travel to Turf Moor for that whopping six relegation points on April 6.

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